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'Cyprus Delight' Cupcakes

My Dad has always been a big fan of Turkish delight, (although you can only buy 'Cyprus Delights' here!) so when I saw these Turkish Delight Cupcakes over at Cakes Photos Life I thought I'd make him some.  6oz self raising flour 6oz butter 6oz sugar 3 medium eggs Drop of vanilla essence Rose water - about 3 drops but according to taste Thinly sliced Cyprus (or Turkish) Delight Mix the cake batter as you normally would. Place a third of the mixture into the cake cases and add a slice of 'Delight' Cover with the remaining batter and cook as you would for a normal sponge cake.  (usually about 180deg for approx 20 minutes) Although it didn't show up well on the photo I piped pink butter cream flavoured with  little rose water onto the cooled cakes. You could also if you wish decorate with an extra piece of 'Delight' I was really pleased with the finished cakes, although they weren't quite a pretty looking as the ones I originally got

The Three Saints of Education

Well, they say you learn something new everyday and that's certainly true living in Cyprus! Leo came home from school today having made this... His teacher did reiterate the writing with him as we went to leave and asked him if he understood but he did his usual 'smile and wave' thing  where he nods and says 'Nai'  (yes) even though I think he's just humouring them.   All the children were leaving with them and I didn't think much more of it, as they often come home with religious looking artwork. He also brought a letter which with my limited knowledge and the help of Google translate I managed to gather was about the subjects they were covering this month.   (winter and water apparently!)   The end of the letter mentioned  the  Τριών Ιεραρχών , the same as on his colouring.   I couldn't quite understand what it was saying other than they were something to do with letters! As I had a Greek lesson tonight (brought forward from tomorrow althoug

The 30 Day Shred - Let's do it!

At the beginning of the year I announced that I had th e mad idea to try and do the '30 day shred'. It sounded terrifying so I thought I'd work up to it and do the 6 week challenge on EA Sports on the Wii. However, a week into it and I realised it's a bit rubbish so I thought I'd just go for it! So on Saturday I dug out my exercise mat and tins of beans (as weights!) and did Day 1. It was bloody hard work, and I did think I was going to die but I figured it was only 20 minutes so I just powered through whilst swearing and moaning (in my head as I didn't have the breath or energy to do it out loud!) The push ups were the probably the hardest, well those and the jumping jacks, oh and the last section of abs. I could feel like I'd worked out afterwards but was pleasantly surprised the next day, although I did ache I had been expecting to be unable to move. Day 2 was harder as it was the same as Day 1 with the addition of aching muscles. Day 3 was about t

365 Project - Week 4

This last week hasn't been the best of weeks! It's been tiring, and stressful with two poorly boys and it's been the first week in probably 2 years that I haven't blogged!  I'm pleased to say they do seem to be on the mend now and hopefully we won't have to spend another couple of days at the hospital this coming week. I am pleased though that despite the lack of blogging I have still managed to take at least one photo each day, so I've passed the point that Aaron thought I'd get to! Obviously there hasn't been much going out which hasn't helped and Leo is going a little stir crazy now (as are we).   We've done puzzles, read books, watched DVD and made playdough funny faces.   This morning he declared he was Spiderman, and with Daddy's help he insisted he had to write a notice. 'Leo is Spiderman, If somebody is in trouble ring the bell and Leo will come' So, here's hoping for a slightly more interesting

'Little Star' Baby shower

Back in July when I was still waddling around with my big baby bump my friend Sam threw a lovely Baby Shower for me . So when she announced that she was also expecting a baby my mind turned to making plans to return the compliment. Sam found out she was having a little boy so I had my colour scheme sorted but I was trying to think of what else I could do to make it special.  One day while changing Louka it came to me in a flash of inspiration.... Louka was wearing a star patterned babygrow and I happened to think that I'd have to keep that one for Sam as she loves anything and everything Starry. (well, and skulls but that's a much harder theme to work with!) So our 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Baby shower was conceived..... With a fantastic whip round from the girls, we had a fantastic amount of presents for Sam and the baby.  A play mat and arch as the main gift along with a whole host of 'baby essentials' - wipes, nappies, toiletries etc.  I also created

365 Project week 3

Well they say better late than never so here is my round up of the weeks 365 project photos!  It's been a week of illness here with both boys being ill, and not a lot of sleep happening in our house! Sunday was lovely - the weather was a little warmer than it had been so I took Leo to the park, while we were there he played in the playground and I played around with my camera taking photos of random flowers on various settings! It was Sunday afternoon it all went a little pear shaped, Leo fell asleep on the sofa which is very unusual even after going to the park. He had developed a bit of cough and cold so I decided to keep him off school on Monday.   It was the right decision as when I got back from Slimming World (lost 1lb by the way)  he was fast asleep again at 11am. Throughout the week in between Leo cuddles I was getting ready for my friend Sam's 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Star'  baby shower on Saturday. It was a great night, all went very well and Sa

Silent Sunday

365 Project, Week 2

We are into the second week of Project 365, only got to do a few more days and I will have got further than Aaron predicted! I'm enjoying the challenge so far, in fact the most difficult bit is finding the time to visit the other people joining in and linking up with The Boy and Me ! I'm still posting my photos daily which is helping me stay on track but to save me trying to decide on my favourite one I thought I'd also do a weekly collage here too today. We started this week by going to Agia Napa for the Epiphany Celebrations  and a walk round the harbour followed by the obligatory stop in the play area. On Monday I joined a new Slimming World group  and so far have enjoyed getting back on the plan. I've made an effort to cook varied meals and not only did I make soup but also Slimming world Scan Bran Chocolate cake - you know you're having a serious week when you make that! Aaron brought his long awaited new motorbike on Tuesday and Leo was very excited

A visit to Kapparis Mini Zoo and Viewpoint (now closed)

Just before Christmas we had a visit from Aaron's Mum and his two nephews, I love having visitors as not only is it lovely to see people again after so long it makes us much more likely to do 'tourist stuff'.  For some time now I've been meaning to visit the Famagusta view point and mini zoo in Kapparis, just down the road from us. I went with Leo and a friend of mine a couple of years ago but he was a little bit young to appreciate it.  It is situated at the end of Kapparis, as far as you can go along the coastline towards the closed of city of Famagusta. It's a fascinating, yet sad, when you remember the reason it exists. As a trip out it's not too expensive (€4 for adults, €1 or children) and has more to keep the kids entertained than the other viewpoints you can visit. There is a small museum with information and displays about the invasion of 1974 and the effects it had on the island. Photos of Famagusta and Varosha prior to 1974 when it was the isl

The first day of the rest of my life!

I love the expression 'The first day of the rest of your life' and although technically every day is today certainly felt like it.  Usually I hate January with a passion but currently this one is looking all good. Today I rejoined Slimming World, at a new group (new to me, not the area).  It's within walking distance as was my old group in the UK which is good as you get that little bit of extra exercise on the way! They seem like a nice bunch of people there which makes all the difference when it comes to wanting to go along each week. I already know 3 of the ladies who go so it's even better. I tried to get back on the plan after Louka was born and lost 1/2 stone but I was struggling a little without the support of a group. It really does make all the difference going along each week - people have often said I don't need to go as I know the plan so well but it just doesn't work as well. I KNOW Slimming World works, and I know it works really well if yo

Epiphany Celebrations in Agia Napa

Today is Epiphany, an important Bank Holiday in Cyprus and for the first time in the 3 years we have lived here we made it down to Agia Napa harbour to see the celebrations.  Not being religious myself and certainly not up enough on my knowledge of Greek Orthodox I headed over to good ol' Wikipedia.... Western Christians celebrate the arrival of the Three Wise Men on this day but Greek Orthodox celebrate the baptism of Jesus in the Jordan river.  In Greece and Cyprus the celebration is focused around the 'Great Blessing of the Waters'  where a cross is thrown into the water and the men try to retrieve it for good luck. In Agia Napa the celebration started at 7am with a church service and then moved to the harbour, which is where we joined the crowds. It was amazingly busy, we guessed over 1000 people must have been there. We were lucky to find a good spot to watch on a boat (and the fact my camera has a good zoom!) Although the skies were lovely and blue and the

Some great advice for life!

I saw a lovely piece of writing today shared on facebook by several of my friends and I thought it something worth remembering and some great thoughts for my first blog post of the year. It was written by a lady called Regina Brett, 90 years old of Cleveland, Ohio. 1. Life isn't fair, but it's still good. 2. When in doubt, just take the next small step. 3. Life is too short – enjoy it.. 4. Your job won't take care of you when you are sick. Your friends and family will.   5. Pay off your credit cards every month. 6. You don't have to win every argument. Stay true to yourself. 7. Cry with someone. It's more healing than crying alone. 8. Save for retirement starting with your first pay check. 9. When it comes to chocolate, resistance is futile. 10. Make peace with your past so it won't screw up the present. 11. It's OK to let your children see you cry. 12. Don't compare your life to others. You have no idea what their journey is al