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When you grow up

Whilst going through some old blog posts I came across this little gem from 2011,  it was part of a 'Blog meme' where lots of bloggers would tag their blogging buddies and everyone would join in and write a post on a certain theme. It was part of a longer post which is not relevant now so I thought I'd update it .  Back in 2011 I asked Leo what he would like to be when he grows up at several different times in the hope I would eventually get an answer that made some sort of sense. (Don't forget he was not yet two years old!)  Replies included table,  bebums (raisins), look Mummy dirty feet,  a circle.  Eventually I got the crayons and paper out to immense excitement from him as it is possibly his favourite activity and asked him to draw what he would like to be.... "is kerkles an lines mummy" I also rephrased the question and asked him what he wanted to be when he was bigger..... He replied (with arms waving above his head)   'BIG.

Girls Day Out - Part 2 Abandoned Theme Park and a Dry River bed

Our girls day out for Sam's birthday was a surprise for  her but was also a mystery road trip for me in some ways.  It has all been organised by our friend Lucy and I'd not seen her before the day to hear about any of the plans so it was great just jumping in the car and having nothing to do with the organising - not something I am used to!  You can read about the first part of the day in my earlier post - Girls Day Out. For lunch we stopped at a lovely forest picnic site in the village of Mosfiloti called the Agia Thekla Excursion Area,  it was well equipped with toilets, bbq areas, lots of benches and a play area and even wheelchair access and benches designated accessible, which is very good for Cyprus, apparently according to the website there is also photovoltaic cell systems to provide lighting at night but we weren't there that long to find out.  We didn't explore much of the area, in fact we just headed to a bench and started eating - moving once as the sun came