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Alethea's Story

Alethea lives in Cyprus and is a friend of a friend. She is 35 years old, married and mother to a young son, she is also the creator of the brilliant website  Parenting in Cyprus  In 2008 she was diagnosed with a malignant mole. In 2010 it came back in her armpit lymphnodes, it was cleared with surgery and radiotherapy but has now progressed to brain metastatis, 10 tumours and invasion of skull tissue.  Back in May 2010 Alethea started her blog - Me and Melanoma , her story starts with the day she found out. Now she has found a doctor in Germany who can help her, but will need to raise 14,000 euros just for the treatment. She has been set up by her solicitors as a charity and the fund raising now begins. A facebook page has been set up with all the information, you can visit it here . If you can it would be amazing if you could check out her site and make a donation, or maybe just leave a message of support.

Silent Sunday - Rain or shine?

A teenager in love?

I love you so much it hurts me inside,  it breaks my heart and dents my pride. I cry some tears you don't see, You don't know how much you're hurting me. Should I say and let you know or should I let these feelings grow, inside my heart so secretly  and hope one day you'll fall for me . This poem popped into my head the other day as I was thinking of posts for my Love link up, now, this is going to sound strange but I have no idea where it came from. I remember from my teenage years but I don't know if someone told me it or even if I wrote it! There were a few things going round at school, and this could have been one of them although I'm a bit surprised I could remember it all straight off the top of my head, and it does sound like something my over dramatic teenage self my have come up with! If anyone has heard it before please let me know! Somewhere there's someone who dreams of your smile, and thinks that without you life i

Dear So and So

Dear New Radiators, Welcome to our previously cold apartment, it's so nice to meet you, you gorgeous toasty warm black shiny things. I know we won't need to use you for much longer but rest assured we are loving your company at the moment and can assure you we will welcome you back on come November. Yours, warm and snugly at last, Emma. ********** Dear BBC Entertainment channel Your schedule is RUBBISH, why do you think anyone would want to watch the same episodes of Eastenders, Doctors and The Weakest Link four times in one day. It's not even up to date Eastenders, and Last of the Summer Wine and Keeping Up Appearances make me turn over and watch Arabic television because they are that bad. Are you assuming we live abroad so have not seen proper BBC recently or is just a case of 'they aren't paying a licence fee so sod'em'. What about Top Gear, Doctor Who and QI for start? And don't even get me started on the Cbeebies offerings! Yours, missin

Reasons to be cheerful 1,2,3

I'm loving this new weekly meme from Michelle at Mummy with a heart , because even if I think I'm not cheerful once I think about it I can always find reasons why I should be! 1. Yesterday one of my best friends called from the UK to say she has booked to come and see me in April. I was really pleased to hear from her and very surprised when she told me her plans - I even did a happy dance round the kitchen and drank a few glasses of wine in celebration! 2. I had an email from another good friend in the UK today who I haven't heard from in ages. I did send her one almost a month ago but I know what she's like for replying, it was nice to finally hear from her. I read and reread the email many times! 3.I had a lovely afternoon with 2 good 'Cyprus' friends and their children today, Leo was so excited when they arrived and was literally jumping for joy and running in circles with happiness. The kids play so well together and I love watching them together, wel

Best of friends.....

Meet Leiarna, Leo's best girlie. They met last year before Leo could walk or talk and over the months they have become the best of buddies.  Every time we go out in the car he looks at me and asks "'arna?"  They often seem to act like an old married couple, Leiarna will usually take two of any food offered to pass one to Leo, and she frequently tells him he is making a mess. They bicker over toys and have a bit of a fight but then hug, kiss and make up just as fast. This post was written for The Gallery, this week's prompt is Children.

Listography - Things I wish I could do.

This week for the Listography link up Kate   is asking everyone what the top five things they wish they could do are. Now there are lots of things I wish I could do, some sensible, some not so much and  some not even a vague possibility but in no particular order, here are my top five. 1. Speak Greek fluently - This comes into the sensible category. I know some very basic and random bits of Greek. I know the alphabet which is a good start but not really a whole lot of help in conversation.  Leo will go to Greek nursery and school so I don't just want to know how to order a beer or ask where the beach is, I want to be fluent. 2. Swim - I can swim, if by swim you mean not drown. What I would like to be able to swim properly. I do a strange mixture of swimming strokes, a sort of front crawl with my arms and something like the breastroke moves with my legs. It works, just looks a bit odd! 3. Whistle -I don't imagine this would really change my life, or even particularly enhan

Silent Sunday - playing on a rainy day

The Gallery - Mother Nature

We are deep in the depths of winter here in Cyprus, granted that is nowhere near as deep as other places but winter it is. Because of this we are getting a fair amount of wind, rain and every now and again some very strange and stunning skies.... These were taken just over a week ago by my friend, I was driving - trying to get home before the  world ended  it poured with rain or sand or a plague of locusts.... seriously have you ever seen skies like this?! This post is part of The Gallery. The prompt was Mother Nature - check out other entries for more amazing photos.

Versatile Blogger

The lovely Jenny over at Mummy Mishaps  has tagged me for being a Versatile Blogger. Thank you very much! The rules are..... Thank the person who tagged you. List 7 things about yourself Pass the award onto 3 fellow bloggers and explain the rules Pass on the 10 questions that I answer at the end of this. So, here goes..... 1. My middle name is Joanne but as a child I wanted it to be Louise. 2.I have stood on the most eastern point of Europe (Cape Greko in Cyprus, the most eastern all the time the north of Cyprus is not recognised by any country other than Turkey) 3.I've just got my first ever tattoo 4.One of my feet is half a size larger than the other. 5.I was born on the 11th of the 10th (month) at 11:10. 6.I was born by caesarean and was delivered by the nephew of Christian Barnard (the man who did the first heart transplant) 7.I've met Richard O'Brien and got his autograph Finally the 10 questions... 1. Why did you start this blog? To record our ne

Have you got the January blues?

Traditionally I hate January,  it has always seemed like the never ending month. Most January's I can remember have seen me sitting in a boring dead-end  job watching the rain on the windows and waiting for the big bad month to end and pay day to arrive. Apparently today is Blue Monday, the most depressing day of the year . Ah you gotta the positive thinking Brits haven't you!  I can see their point, the excitement of Christmas seems long gone, but the wait until pay day seems like a lifetime. Many New Year resolutions will have already been broken, and it's cold, dark, wet and miserable and summer is a long way off. I thought I'd escape January blues out here in Cyprus but funnily enough this is the view from my balcony at the moment..... It's not bad though, January is the worst month here it just gets better from here on in. February last year gave us some bad rain storms and we may have had some rain in March but that was it then until the end of October.  

Silent Sunday

Reasons to be Cheerful

This week I'm joining in with Michelle at Mummy From The Heart  new weekly blog hop. I didn't join in last week as I was being miserable and couldn't think of any! This week though I've cheered up so here goes..... 1. I've got a tattoo, I have already blogged about it here , but I love it. I was very nervous about getting it as I'm the worlds biggest wimp and it's quite large, also I was worried that I'd look at it afterwards and think 'What the hell have I done'. But I haven't and therefore I'm over the moon with it! 2. Leo is making me laugh every single day.  He is learning new words every day now it seems and is amazing me with the things he comes out with. 3. The sun is shining, and although it's still quite chilly spring seems closer and I'll be able to stop cursing our marble floors very soon! Has that cheered you up too? If not check out the other entries......

Dear so and so

Dear Solicitors, Where the bloody hell is our cheque? I know nothing happens quickly/on time here but when you said at the start of October it should be with in about a month I then kinda expected it by the end of the year. It's FOUR MONTHS later now and we need it 3 months ago! Impatient and skint Emma Dear Leo, I'm pleased that you love to colour, however 5.30am is not an acceptable colouring time, nor do I wish to be presented with crayons and paper whilst sitting on the toilet. Also please remember that you draw ON THE PAPER. You are very clever and I'm pleased that you can now name the colours especially your favourite - PURPLE - although I'm not sure you have to shout this one at the top of your voice each time you see it somewhere, I think the passing woman in supermarket wearing a purple top was a little bit alarmed. Your very uncreative and artistic so very impressed Mother. Dear Washing, It's 17 degrees outside so why the hell are you not dry

The Gallery

Yesterday I got my first (possibly last but never say never) tattoo. It is not yet finished and I had planned on waiting until it was all done for the tattoo blog post, but how could I when this weeks Gallery prompt was Body parts.  Once I would have said this would be the least likely thing I would ever do, but apparently stranger things have happened, couldn't tell you what they are but it's what I've heard! I've spent my whole life hating tattoos with a passion but last year gradually came to the conclusion that I wanted one. Our friend Marc works at Blood Brothers in Agia Napa and he's very good at what he does, this played a big part in it as I knew he would do a fantastic job.  AJ is a big tattoo fan, he came up with the idea for this one for me and Marc designed it. The ribbons behind the flowers are shaped into 29.05.09 which is Leo's date of birth. I was really worried about how much it would hurt, it DID hurt but I survived and it did


It's list time again, this week Kate  asks us to share the Top 5 Places you have visited. I've always loved travelling so had to give this a bit of thought. When I say travelling obviously I mean travelling to nice shiny holiday destinations not packing my life in a backpack and going off on a random journey round the world, I like the sound of that but only in theory! 1. Cyprus - An obvious choice as it is now our home. If you've been reading since the start of my blog you'll know we had spent  hardly any time at all in Cyprus before we decided to move here so it's pretty lucky it has grown on me so much! The first time I walked into Larnaca airport though I felt like I had come home. Macronissos Beach 2. Cancun, Mexico -  (the Moon Palace to be more specific) This was our honeymoon destination and it was by far the nicest place I have ever stayed, it was a brilliant 2 weeks. We had a jacuzzi in our room, there were 2 swim up bars and the pool was a mil

Silent Sunday


It's amazing how a decade can go so fast, even with an extra year tagged onto the end! I've been reading a lot of brilliant end of year / new year blog posts in the last few days and one of my favourites has been from Pixe's Mum at Doing it all for Aleyna  She has been looking back over the last 10  years and reflecting on what she has achieved.  I was 22 as the new millennium dawned and that seems like a lifetime ago, as you can probably imagine my life is now very different. Over the years I think I've achieved quite a lot........... Realised I can live on my own and survive Travelled to Cuba, Mexico, Antigua, Ibiza, Turkey, Egypt, Tunisia, Menorca,  and Cyprus :) Worked for nearly three years in a Travel Agents (hence the previous point!)  Been a bridesmaid Got married to my lovely hubby  Had a gorgeous baby boy Brought my first house with my hubby Sold first house and brought an apartment - a penthouse apartment with sea views no less! Emigrated to Cyprus

Me and my boy - our year

2010 was the year of Mummy & Leo, it was our first full year together and our first year in Cyprus. We had a great time, met lots of new friends, played on the beach, in the park and spent lots of time in the pool. We laughed, cried and sang 'Row Row Row your boat' a million times. When I spotted the 'Year in Pictures' Meme at Mummytips   I couldn't resist joining in because not only do I love my photos but it is also a competition to win a ticket to Cybermummy 2011 . (and I'd love to go to that!) I made a photo montage in honour of our year.


Last week Kate from Kate Takes 5  started a great new link up. Last week was The Top 5 Good Things about having kids.   This week she is asking us who our Top 5 Famous Dinner Party Guests would be. I've often given this a bit of thought as it's a popular question in magazines and random pub conversations. So here goes..... 1. David Tennant - haven't got to think about this one at all!  I LOVE David Tennant.  I wouldn't care if no-one else showed up the dinner party, and I wouldn't even eat all their food to save it 'going to waste' (Well I probably would, but only after David had gone) 2. Michael McIntyre - he's my new favourite comedian, and I think would make a great addition to a dinner party, I love anyone who makes me laugh and he would have me snorting unattractively into my wine. (Hmm, maybe not the best way to impress No.1) 3.John Barrowman - yes, I do have a huge fascination with Doctor Who and Torchwood, but John would be a great gues

Silent Sunday