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More luck than judgement.

After last week, and my poor effort at restarting Slimming World which actually saw me putting on weight rather than losing it, I am happy to be able to say that this week I have lost 1lb I can't say I'm proud of it as it was more by luck than judgement to be honest.   Still I have not really planned my meals any further than the next one, and usually then only coming up with a choice at the last minute. Although I have mostly avoided sweets, sandwiches and biscuits, I have not weighed or measured anything, and have eaten far to many weetabix and not much fruit and had a drink or 2 most evenings. I can't for the life of me work out why I am not taking my own advice, I have been doing this, and doing it well for years now. I have a lists of excuses as long as my arm, and I know they are all rubbish. Once you have spent as much time going to SW groups as I have there can't be many excuses that I've not heard, and they are just that - excuses rather than reaso

Good intentions

There is a difference between a plan and good intentions. This week I did not have a plan. Last week I wrote about wanting to lose a stone for summer and get back on the Slimming World plan, after writing the post I had a comment from Midlife Single Mum and we made a deal - the following day we would both get on with it and then report back on our progress today.  I had good intentions but I did not have a plan. I ate the remaining chocolate on Wednesday night and prepared a nice big Slimming World breakfast for the following morning. I got up on Thursday picked a workout from my huge selection of fitness DVDs and got stuck in.  Thursday was good, a great start - exercise, plenty of water and good food.  Friday, was ok - nothing particularly bad but more by luck than judgement Saturday, well in my head that was fine - I had almost a week to make up for any slipups.  Sunday, Monday and the rest? Well, I just slipped back into sandwiches for lunch, biscui

Yesterday you said tomorrow...

Don't put off tomorrow what you can do today... Yes, it's true I do sound like my Mother but annoyingly she is sometimes right (sometimes, I can't actually say ALL the time or it will go to her head!) To a degree I'm quite good at sticking to the rule, better than many but every now and again I slow down at a certain thing or two and need to kick myself up the bum!  I say I need to as it never works if its someone else trying to do it, if anything it tends to make me put it off even more! For ages now I've been about to start to lose the extra stone I put on since stopping going to Slimming World, but I can't get my head back into it. WHY?  I've done it so many times and I know how to do it, I know why to do it and I know it will make me happier in a relatively short space of time. I know that when I put my mind to it that I'm bloody good at Slimming World, I know that it works and I know that I could lose a stone without any major drama. For

A Pirate Adventure

On Saturday the boys and I boarded the good ship ' Tiny Acorns' for a Pirate Adventure! My boys have never been particularly interested in pirates for some reason but this didn't stop them both having a fantastic afternoon. The centre had been transformed for the day, and the usual 'Big Kid's' group was replaced by the first of many 'Children's Adventure sessions'    With themed decorations, crafts, games, snacks and even a visit from a 'real' pirate it really was an afternoon well spent. First up the 'sprogs' were given personalised eye patches, and made Pirate flags and hats. Then each child was given a bag, and a scroll with a list of treasure to find - gold coins, nuggets and rubies were hidden around the place, and what was great from a Mum's point of view was the fact that there was more than enough to go around so not a single argument occurred in the hunt! 'Anne Bonny' from the Black Pearl was the