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Now you are 10

Ten years of birthday letters, blog posts about parties, and birthday interviews! Our Leo is now in double digits! No birthday blog letter this year, I've still written one but I've printed it off along with all the previous years and will be giving them all to him when he gets home from school today. Not too old for the themed party though - it was Pokemon this year (at the time of writing it is still in planning )   Going on last years birthday blog fail, I may or may not write about it!   I realised I'd missed the post party blog only last week and wrote a very belated birthday post. It's fine, May is crazy month and with work, kids and businesses it's amazing I've even written this! Happy birthday to my (not so) little Leo! 

A Marvelous birthday party!

Next week is Leo's 10th birthday and as I started to write my usual birthday letter I have just realised that I broke the habit of a (blog) lifetime last year and didn't write about his party! After so many epic themes (Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Spiderman, Lego, and Thomas the Tank Engine)  it was always going to be tricky to beat,  it was entirely Leo's choice (unlike a couple of the others where I may have gently planted the idea!)  So we had a Marvel party, complete with fancy dress - adults included!  With a 'Hulk Smash' Cake, Thor's Hammer marshmallows among other yummy treats.  As well as the traditional pass the parcel we had a couple of super hero training games 'minute to win it' style.  It was full fancy dress too, well until much of it was abandoned due to the heat! It was a great afternoon /evening for us adults as well as the kids!

Bowling with his brother - #FlashbackFriday

A flashback post today, back to early 2015 Leo was 5 and Louka was 2.  It was quite early in the morning and we were having breakfast outside.   That was quite a rare event, and one of the only times in all the years we've been here that we did that, I assume it just seemed like an unnecessary additional effort especially in the high chair days.  There had already been a pre-breakfast playdough session,  I really don't miss days starting that early with things like that! It may be more than 4 years ago but I remember the morning well,  the breakfast went well.  Leo buttered his own bread (sort of)  and no-one cried or moaned or had any drama - this is why I remember it, it was a rare event! I sat and watched the boys play thinking how lovely it all was, the sun was shining the boys were happy and had been playing nicely together so far all day (remember it was breakfast time but you had to celebrate the little things).    I may have sugges