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2014 - it's been nice knowing you!

2014 has been an interesting year, full of change for us and new beginnings. January was a quiet month for us, same old stuff and no real hint of the things to come. Looking back to remind myself of anything interesting I may have forgotten I see that I only took a handful of photos and wrote very few blog posts, something that continued all year unfortunatly. Creating with Daddy. February saw the launch of my website - the Famagusta Parents Network and I threw myself into launching the site and all that goes with it. It's been a lot of work but I've enjoyed it so much (and still am!) and I've been really pleased with the support and contributions I've received from the community. March was carnival time and we got to join our friends on the Performers Academy float in the parade which was great. Blogging was sparse again as I was spending all my free time working on the FPN site and planning the first Family Fun Day which was brilliant fun but somewh

Me and Mine - A family portrait project

Over the last year I have seen some of my favourite blogs taking part in the 'Me and Mine' family portrait project, it's something I've enjoyed seeing and but not got round to taking part it.  It's rare that we get a photo of the four of us, as one of us is always behind the camera but I treasure the few photos we have together. With the start of our business Klik Photography it feels even more important to get the family shots, we had plans for a festive family photo shoot using Aaron's new mobile portratit studio but Christmas and work unfortunately distracted us. All is not lost though as we have been busy setting up our new addition to the company for 2015, Klik Photography now has the PARTY BOOTH, a digital portable photobooth for events, wedding and parties. The boys have wanted to be involved in all the excitement of unpacking the boxes and building the booth on our practice runs, and of course who could stop them from diving into all the props we ar

Chasing my tail and trying to make a plan.

Where is the time going to? How have I only managed to write 63 blog posts this year!   I know I've had the Famagusta Parents Network as well for the first time this year but still it's a huge departure from the 256 and 287 posts of 2011 and 2012! I miss my blog but the less I write, the harder it seems to get into it. I have so many posts in my head but they are vague and I am struggling to get them out there, being far to easily distracted by facebook, youtube and even the time sucking wast of time that is! I've always dipped in and out of twitter and gone through phases of loving it and ignoring it for weeks on end but with the temperamental piece of junk that is my phone I've even lost my love of instagram, both of which keep my blogging habit up without too much effort. There's so much I want to write about, the opening of my friends new venture - 'Tiny Acorns Creativity Centre', the Christmas events we've been too,  Leo's

Home for Christmas

Recently I was asked the question 'Are you home for Christmas?'  I replied that yes I was although for the first time we were going out for Christmas dinner.  The reply threw me, 'When do you leave?' Um, well I think they are serving dinner at 2pm? Ah.... they were asking me if I was going to England for Christmas,  I'd completely missed the point of the question! I don't have anything against going back to England for a visit, in fact I'd love to be able to go (not now, far too cold!) to meet up with friends and replenish our wardrobes but I wouldn't fancy going back for Christmas. I know that having my parents here means that I don't have the pull and the same reason for wanting to be there over the festive season which is the obvious reason for many to return. I've heard many people here say that Christmas in Cyprus just isn't the same and it doesn't feel 'Christmassy' but I disagree. Maybe it's the fact I have

'Life's a climb, but the view is great'

Photo by ' FPN ' Konnos Bay, Cape Greko, Cyprus..... one of my favourite beaches. This photo was taken from the top of Konnos Bay before you negotiate the often busy, twisty turning road leading to the beautiful beach. I'd never have thought back in 2007 when this photo was taken (by Aaron I now realise after accidentally taking the credit for it for all these years!) that it would be so well used! When I started this blog I used a standard template having no idea what else I could do, and figuring it didn't matter as no-one would notice I was writing one anyway.  After sometime I figured out how to add header, and even created a posh little badge. The  blog was originally going to be called ' Why the hell not?'   but I think the quote suits me and it quite well....