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A Lego party for Leo

Being an avid fan of pinterest and a lover of organising parties I was in my element when Leo decided he'd like to have a Lego themed birthday party!  Plans were put into action months ago and I'd spent the last few weeks in preparation for the big day. In previous years we've had Mickey Mouse , Thomas the Tank Engine ,   Spiderman and The Very Hungry Caterpillar but Lego was the most fun to date! We started with some brilliant invites made by Aaron using the Lego font on the invites to say 'Leo' -something he was really impressed with when he realised that Lego was almost the same as his name.  It was such a simple but effective theme to work with, no need to buy branded tableware and party bags, and so easy to make decorations and themed food. I used the colours red, green, blue and yellow for balloons and decorations and Aaron drew Lego faces onto yellow cups and plates. I used Lego bricks and duplo to make centrepieces and rectangles of

Leo, aged five loves....

We've moved on from Thomas the Tank Engine, the obsession I thought would never end, and that has been replaced by superheroes and lego games,  some things never change though he still loves his 'little orange Raff' and we still have to search the house if he's missing at bedtime!