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Come inside, it's fun inside...

Reading the letters on his banner! It was Leo's 2nd Birthday this weekend and we had a great couple of days... Saturday afternoon saw 7 of his friends (plus parents) arriving for a 'Mickey Mouse' themed party, Greeting on our front door for the party! I LOVE parties, both organising and having them. In the run up to the party I made special birthday cookies  and had great fun preparing all the food. I had brought a 'toodles' shape cutter and made cheese and marmite bites with them, as well as cutting ham into Toodles shapes as well. Along with plenty of other goodies and a brilliant cake decorated by Aaron we were all set. I loved the fact he knew what was happening this year, last week we went to a friends party and he had talked about it every single day since. I was being greeted each morning with the question "Jack's party again?' so we kept saying "No, Jack's party's all gone, it's Leo's party next'  He sp

Silent Sunday

Now you are two...

Dear Leonidas, Happy birthday little man, you are two years old today! Time seems to have flown by since I wrote to you on your first birthday , You have changed so much in the last year I'm starting to have trouble keeping up! Who'd have thought it possible that you are now more cute than ever, and very clever with it.  You now repeat everything we say, which is brilliant but not always a good thing, as sometimes we have to speak in code to talk about what we are doing later so you don't insist on it immediately. Daddy and I are very proud and amazed at how well you know your colours, numbers and alphabet, and now you even know your numbers in Greek.  It's great to hear you read out every letter and number you see as we go about our day.  Your favourite toys at the moment are your ride on turtle which you 'high five' and kiss goodnight. You love cars and spend ages 'driving' them up and down anything you can find. Like your Mum and Dad you also lo

Dear So and So

I've not joined in with Kat's Dear So and So for ages and I've rather missed it... Dear Leo, It's your party next!! I know it's been a very exciting week with two other birthday parties and I know you've had great fun at both of them. I have taken note of your party requests and we definitely have cake, candles, balloons, hats and bread. Not sure why bread is such an essential party item but bread we shall have. (maybe you have got it confused with that other party essential, beer - we shall have that as well but that will be Mummy's 'juice') I hope you have lots of fun tomorrow and enjoy your '(Mickey) Mouse party' Love Mummy xxx ******** Dear Rain, What are you doing here? It's May, your time is up now, bugger off and don't come back for the summer like you usually do. Don't you realise I have eight 2 year olds plus parents coming round tomorrow and unless we are outside they will not fit in my apartment. Slightly

Flashback Friday - Birthday boy!

This time 2 years ago I was eagerly awaiting the arrival of our little man, he was already late but finally made his appearance on Friday 29th May at 11am. I had been told to call the hospital at 9pm on the Thursday evening to see if they had a bed for me to go and be induced. I had been having some pains on and off all day so they told me to go in at 10.30pm. I'm not going to write my 'birth story' for a couple of reasons, one it's all a bit hazy now and two I don't wish to traumatise Aaron again by making him read it!  Compared to many it was a problem free birth (assisted with ventouse and I had a few stitches but nothing to get all dramatic about) but Aaron bless him had really not wanted to be present at the birth and he was pretty much forced into it by his rather emotional/hormonal pregnant wife! I'm so glad and so proud that he did against all his wishes stay with me for the whole thing, I don't think I could have done it without h

Silent Sunday

Top 25 Ex-pat Mum Blogs

I have discovered that  Circle of Mom s are looking to find the Top 25 Ex-pat Mom blogs and I'd quite like to be included in the list :) I beg  smile sweetly and ask you nicely, my lovely readers to head on over to vote for me here , or to click the badge below (or in the side bar) Voting closes on the 6th June and you can vote once every 24 hours so feel free to get  clicking lots between now and then!

Flashback Friday

It' Flashback Friday time again and this week we are going back 30-something years to my 2nd birthday as next week is my son's 2nd birthday and I'm in full toddler party planning mode! The year was 1979, as you could possibly guess by the rather fetching orange flowers on the wallpaper. I don't remember anything about being 2, but I do remember spending a lot of time over the years in my Grandad 's garden He had a huge garden, and obviously I was a lot smaller so it seemed like an enormous place to be in. We used to visit every week so I would have spent many hours playing there. Granddad was very green fingered and grew many different things in his garden and greenhouse. He had so many things growing in seed trays that he needed to label them and came up with the genius plan of cutting up old fairy liquid bottles into strips and writing on them. These plastic strips ended up everywhere and I made it my job to go and find them and collect them up fo

B is for...Blog

When I started this blog back in  September 2009  I had no idea I where I was going with it, I had no idea there was a whole 'blogging community' and even when I realised that I never imagined that I would feel like I was part of it. I started my blog as a record of our move to Cyprus and how we were getting on in our new home, I imagined family and friends would be subscribing to keep up to date and maybe a couple of people who were looking to do the same thing might find me and be interested. (I'd have loved to find a blogger doing the same during our buying process) As it turns out apart from my Mum (thanks Mum!) I'm not sure any of my friends of family actually read this blog, I post to Facebook and I've had one or two friends mention that they read it but no-one (except Mum again!) has ever commented -    Hello?!  Lurkers please leave a comment, they make me so happy :) I'm fairly sure if I hadn't found the other bloggers I wouldn't still be here

Listography - Products I can't live without

This week Kate has asked us our Top 5 products we couldn't live without.  So here we go... 1. My laptop - without a doubt this is number one. I love blogging, keeping in touch with people in the UK and I generally watch all my tv online. Without my laptop I am not a happy bunny at all! 2. My camera - I rarely go anywhere without my camera. I've always loved photos and I was usually the one on a night out who ended up with lots of embarrassing photos of everyone. I have hundreds and hundreds of pics. Now Leo is my main photographic subject but I enjoy taking lots of photos of places out and about in Cyprus for my blog too. This where I get a bit stuck, once upon a time I'd have been able to reel off a whole long list but everything that pops into my head I could actually live without now. When we moved  we didn't have access to a lot of our things for a long time and I realised how much stuff we owned that we didn't actually need.  Ok, so had a quick look

101 things in 1001 days

On July 29th 2010 I started my 101 list. (a list of 101 things I would like to complete in 1001 days.) I was thrilled to discover yesterday that I inspired Sarah who writes Sarsm's blog to start her own list and she in turn persuaded inspired The Laughing Housewife to do the same. Sarah even made this lovely badge for us. My 1001 days run until April 26th 2013, I'm doing ok I think - the Day Zero website tells me I've completed 31% of the list. I have amended the list a little since starting it and I will possibly do it again once more. I did have some debate as to whether that was cheating but it's my list, and I figured it has to stay achievable.  It took me a long time to write it and I think I threw a few things in there without really thinking about them! I had originally planned to write a blog post about each item, (this was also on the list) but I realised some of them were not that worthy of a whole blog post. I will though be updating my blog more regu

Silent Sunday

Flashback Friday - Before and after

This week for Flashback Friday Karin from Cafe Bebe has given us a theme.... Before and After.   I've decided to go one better - so in keeping with the reason I started this blog here is my Before, During and after! This was taken in May 2007 and was the first I saw of our new home since we had stood in the field trying to imagine what it might look like in October 2007. It was quite unnerving not even knowing if they had broken ground so getting these photos sent through by a kind neighbour was so exciting! In July 2008 we came out on holiday and stayed just down the road, one of the first things we did was to drive straight to the site and see how it looked.... Our kitchen I was a little worried as I thought it looked small (and we weren't even expecting Leo then!) but Aaron seemed more than happy and he's the expert so I was fine. It turns out that he was totally worried we had done a stupid thing but just pretended otherwise knowing that I'd panic!  It

Discovering Cyprus - Cape Greco

Last week we visited Cape Greco - the headland on the south-eastern point of Cyprus. It's somewhere we have taken everyone who has come to visit as it gives such amazing views. Cape Greco is a national park and covers 385 hectares. One of the few buildings in the park is a small chapel dedicated to Agios Anagryoi . It's here that Leo had his very first taste of ice cream last year (usually an ice cream van in the car park in season - they're not daft!) Just behind the church some steps lead to a hermits sea cave which is mentioned in local legends, it's very popular for swimming from.  I love the tranquillity of the area and the fact that it always makes me feel like I'm on holiday when I go there as it just doesn't feel like it could be somewhere that I only live 20 minutes from.  A natural bridge. I imagine it would be even more peaceful to visit without having to stop toddler running around and throwin

Listography - Bad Combinations

This week's Listography topic is 'Bad Combinations'  As we have no entered the tourist season in Cyprus there are many bad combinations to be seen everywhere. Socks and sandals - Do I really need to explain? Why do people do it? In what way do they think it looks good? Men and speedos - particularly older overweight men but I think no man (yes, that includes David Beckham) looks good in speedos. Beaches and picnics and toddlers - sounds like a good idea but it is impossible not to end up with crunchy sandwiches.  Sun and holiday makers - Lobster red is really not a good look. I know you might not see much when you get home of it but as much as you want to you cannot take a whole summers worth in 2 weeks. I can never believe the amount of people who are bright pink and STILL laying in the heat of the day! Toddlers and hangovers - I know it's been mentioned but it is the worst combination of all time so there was no way I could leave it out!  Now everything is op

Silent Sunday

Dammit Janet

I've not joined in with Mumra's Playlists for a while but this week it had to be done. The theme is A song from a musical . No prizes for guessing which musical I've chosen :) Regular readers will know that my hubby and I are big fans of The Rocky Horror Show. I'm not however choosing the most obvious song as it is overplayed (although the stage show version is excellent) I love all the songs, I don't think I could pick out one as a favourite but this one always takes me right back to the show we got engaged at . There is a line 'Here's the ring to prove that I'm no joker'  at the show I looked down at my hand and smiled and then up at my friend who was grinning her head off and had tears in her eyes! Every time I hear the song I always (yes even now!) hold my hand out and sing Janet's first verse 'Oh it's nicer than Betty Monroe had,  Now we're engaged and I'm so glad,  That you met Mum and you know Dad.  I

Flashback Friday

It's Friday, and time for my favourite linky - Flashback Friday. This week I'm taking you back only two years... 'Bob' (we eventually decided on a name but he was nicknamed 'Bob' until he arrived) was due on May 16th so this time two years ago I looked something like this. I had taken maternity leave at the earliest time I could to avoid being made redundant so I had a lot of time to spare in the last couple of months.  Added to the fact we were living with my parents I didn't have a lot of  any housework to do. I was very careful to appreciate the time, knowing that very soon I'd never get the chance to be so lazy - I knew I was heading for a big change - going from lazy days with an afternoon nap and no housework to a baby and then very soon a big move, not just a house move but a country move and then to be on my own during the day with a baby rather than surrounded by 3 other adults - argh! I think these photos were taken at the end of April

My A to Z

I am starting a series of posts inspired by Stay at Home Mum  entitled 'My A to Z'  It's very simple - I plan to go through the alphabet and write a post for each letter on something personal to me. There could only be one possible subject for the first letter..... I would like to introduce you to Aaron, the hubby formally known as AJ. (in the blog world anyway!) When I started blogging I did not ask Aaron how he felt about me writing about him so I used his initials in some random attempt for him not to be recognised.  I realise now that with the amount of photos and the fact that if you know me you'd know him it's all a bit pointless - also the first few months of blog posts I didn't expect anyone to read it and used him name anyway!  I met Aaron in 1995 in my old local pub, I'd like to tell you it was love at first sight but he was actually first brought to my attention by my friend with the comment 'Ooh look, he's got a nice arse

Silent Sunday - What does this remind you of?