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Childhood summers

I had a sudden memory pop into my head today from a childhood summer and realised one of the ways in which my childhood was very different to the boys. It was always an exciting treat to have a paddling pool out in the garden or the chance to play in the sprinkler as it watered the grass, I had a slide in the garden that was also sometimes put into the pool which was even better! The actual memory which surfaced however was how cold the water was, I suddenly had a flashback to a lovely hot summer's day, but icy cold water going to the pool.  I remember the pool being in the bit of the garden that got the most sun, and my Mum filling the pool in the morning so it would be warm with the heat of the sun for the afternoon.  I think she even used to add hot water to get it warmer for me to play in! I loved playing in the sprinkler and remember screaming with laughter as the cold water hit me, playing in it until the grass got too muddy and it was turned off.  Kids seem to have a

Cyprus Land Medieval Theme Park

Earlier this year I started to see adverts for a new family attraction opening in Limassol - Cyprus Land Medieval Theme Park.  I was very interested in what they had to offer and of course just had to go and take the boys for a day out there. Now,  having lived in Cyprus for almost seven years I wouldn't say that I was overly optimistic about what the place would be like.  I knew straight away that 'Theme Park' does not mean theme park in the way you would expect having heard of Thorpe Park, Alton Towers and such like.  I was certain that by thinking along the lines of 'themed park'  I would be closer to the mark. Not that I was going to let that put me off, I will happily travel the whole island to visit something that sounds worthwhile and I knew that my boys would love the knights and enjoy the trip regardless. We arrived at 11:30am,  the park was quiet apart from a group of children who were left by the time we'd completed the first activity so i

Joining a Guinness World Record Attempt

You may know that I do like a challenge every now and again and so it may be no surprise to you that Aaron and I decided that Klik Photo CY as a company would get our end of the island involved in a brilliant World Record attempt and a charity fundraiser that started off over on the west side of the island. Back in 2006 Cyprus had the Guinness World Record for the longest chain of bras and Aphrodite's Bra Chain are hoping to reclaim the title again in 2017 by collecting over 200,000 bras.   The attempt is being supported by the Guinness World Records and will also raise much needed funds for the Archangel Michael Hospice in Paphos in the process. After the event all the bras will be donated to charities which will repair or recycle them for women in developing countries. I loved the idea and am excited to give people on my end on the island an easy way to be involved, regular readers will know how much I hate the east of the island to be forgotten! Photo Credit: James Walt

Interview with a 7 year old

I am predictably late with Leo's interview for this year, I did manage to record it reasonably close to his birthday which was back in May but I've had it saved on my phone for a few weeks without getting it up on the blog. It was not the best recording and I had it in mind to redo it but the star of the video was not so enthusiastic about a rerun so I thought we'd stick with the original! Just in case you couldn't hear all the answers..... 1. What is your favourite colour?   Silver (not what I was expecting, it's usually blue!)  2. What is your favourite toy?      He hasn't got one, but when pushed he said Rhino  (a small plastic toy he got from school)  3. What is your favorite fruit?    Pear (another unexpected answer, I was expecting grapes) 4. What is your favourite tv show? Teen Titans  (No surprises there, including the fact that he sang it!)  5. What is your favourite thing to eat for lunch?   I t was some kind of mash up betw