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Several small steps for mankind....

On the 2nd August Leo took his first couple of steps on his own, he did this on two separate occasions on that day and then nothing more for almost our whole UK trip, well except when no-one but me was looking! I was hoping that both sets of Grandparents would get to see some of his first steps, Leo however had different ideas! But today he walked... across the room and to make it so much cuter he threw himself straight into my arms and gave me a big sloppy kiss. * obviously difficult to get a photo when you are expecting to catch a falling child so I've used one from our UK trip - Leo leading his Granddad up the garden path!

The Gallery - A photo I am proud of

This weeks Gallery prompt is A Photo I'm Proud Of  Here's mine..... This is me in 2008 at the Slimming World Woman of the Year regional final. I came 2nd!!! I had started going to my Slimming World group in 2006 and in two years lost just over 4 stone. I was stunned that I could have done such a thing and delighted to be nominated by my group for Woman of The Year. I even made it into the Mirror newspaper! You can read more about my slimming world story here

Home Sweet Home!

Hello there! Are you still with me? I'm back after my UK trip and very glad to be home again. Although it was nice to catch up with family and friends it was a lot harder than I anticipated. Strangely the bit I was most worried about was the flights but they were not that bad. The difficulty came in moving about as we stayed in four different places and Leo didn't know whether he was coming or going! I hadn't realised what a difference it makes when AJ gets home, even if it is usually after Leo's bedtime.  It was lovely to see my parents and best friends, and for them to see Leo. He learnt several things whilst away, AJ could not believe how much he had changed in 3 weeks. He has become very talkative and loving - giving everyone kisses and "high fives"   Another good thing about the trip is that I realised that a lot of the things I thought I was missing are not that important to me now. The things I love about living in Cyprus more definitely outweigh the