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Summer Sunday Afternoons

I'm sure it comes round quicker every year but it seems that summer is now pretty much here in Cyprus, the weather has been improving slowly and steadily over the last few weeks,  getting a little warmer interspersed with a few storms or windy  / cloudy days.  I tried to be organised this year and actually sorted through our summer clothes a bit earlier rather than wondering where my shorts and strappy tops are when it 'suddenly' tops 30 degrees outside! We've been out and about a lot more this winter than in previous years, and recently had several trips to the beach but not armed with swimsuits and towels so far. Leo and I have both been ankle deep in the sea but Louka will not go anywhere near it - far too cold for him yet! I think it's pretty much time now though (watch the temperature plummet now I've said that!)  Last week we went to a new beach for us and met up with several friends, it was a perfect afternoon and the kind I'd dreamed of

Butterflies and birthdays

Last month my lovely Mum celebrated her 70th birthday in style with over a week of celebrations and well deserved birthday treats.  Starting off with a celebratory meal with friends, continuing with a 3 day break in Paphos with my Dad and then for birthday No.2 at home with us. Of course we couldn't miss the chance for a family celebration as we didn't see her on her actual birthday, so when they returned home we surprised her with a butterfly birthday tea! Apart from teddy bears (which was our party theme several years ago) butterflies are my Mum's favourite thing, so with the help of the boys we created decorations, food and a birthday cake all with a butterfly theme.  With a party tea, music, presents and board games we had a lovely afternoon. Among the presents was a slate ready for Mum to choose a photo to be printed on it, so an impromptu family photo shoot took place... Another of our presents was a voucher for afternoon tea, for Mum

Back to blogging on the balcony

I started this blog in 2009 for no reason other than it seemed a good idea at the time, I didn't really expect anyone to read it, I knew nothing about twitter, pinterest, SEO and I had no plan.  Gradually I 'met' other bloggers and joined some linkups and forums, people were reading and I got into the habit of writing regularly, although I've done a few reviews and sponsored posts over the years as and when the opportunities arose, I have only ever blogged for me, for something to look back on one day and as a hobby to pass the time - when you live with only Arabic TV for 4 years you need something! It's been a long time now since the best days of this blog, once Loukas was born, and I started the Famagusta Parents Network things slowed down, and of course in 2014 we started our business, I have often thought about stopping the blog, it seemed a bit silly to be posting once a month or less and then what should I be writing about if its that infrequent? I starte