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Loukas Name Day and a trip to A&E

According to the Greek Orthodox Church, every  day  of the year is dedicated to the memory of at least one (usually more than one) saint or martyr. If someone is named after a saint, then there is a big  celebration  on his or her   name day .  Since we have been in Cyprus we always have a small celebration on the boys name days, as they both have their own - Leonidas is 15th April and Loukas 18th October.  We don't celebrate them as we would a birthday but they get a card and a small present and we usually meet up with friends for a picnic in a park, and of course there is always cake! Louka loved his card, especially because it had his 'face in the circle', and his new Fireman Sam sticker book that he let Leo do with him. They spent quite a while doing it together with very little moaning between them which is a very rare occurrence in this house! The boys spent the morning playing and watching tv while I prepared some food for the picnic and made cakes for us a

Flashback Friday - Summer 2015

Over the years I have written many Flashback Friday posts, and even ran the link up for a while as it was one of my favourite bits about blogging,  being able to write about things that had happened years beforehand and record memories which might otherwise be forgotten.  Occasionally I would use a more recent picture, usually when struggling to come up with something to fit a theme or get a post published each week but I always felt that was cheating a little bit! But, my blog, my rules and I've realised I can use it to play catch up and revisit some of my photos from the year that I didn't get round to writing about at the time.  Summer 2015 was a great summer for us, with both the boys finishing their respective schools for the last time before moving on in September.  They were excited to be off for the summer... We stayed close to home like we have done every year, but where do we need to go!   I was brave, and took the boys to the pool by mys

Interview with a 3 year old {Loukas}

Every year since Leo turned three I have 'interviewed' him just after his birthday, asking him the same list of questions each year to see how his answers change over the years. This year, Louka got to join in with the tradition as he turned three in August.... He was very funny, whispering his answers so quietly at first that we could hardly hear him, and them looking to Leo at each question as if to check what he should be saying.   He was a little confused at 'What is your favourite thing to wear?' as at that point in the year it had been months since he had been in much more than a pair of pants or shorts! I'd forgotten how much harder it is to interview a three year old compared to a 5 or 6 year old,  but that's part of the fun.   He was spinning around and trying to stand on his head and told us that his favourite thing to eat was a light saber! It also turns out that is is rather fond of apples! Best answer though has to be