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Pokemon Party

I love a party when I get a theme I can work with and Leo has given me some great ones over the years,  Harry Potter, Star Wars and my favourite.. Doctor Who.  This year Pokemon was his choice. I'm not a Pokemon expert but we had been playing Pokemon Go for almost a year by the time of the party, on the way to and from school and on adventures out and about.  It's a great way to get two tech obsessed boys (and their Mum!) out and walking about. Because of that, and of course aided by Pinterest I was able to come up with lots of bits to suit the theme and have a very happy birthday boy. The Decorations I didn't go overboard and apart from buying new bits to make the Pokeballs I recycled what I already had, hence the fact we had a blue tablecloth. Ideally I'd have got one red and one white to make a Pokeball table but I do try to draw the line somewhere.   I like to think I'm enthusiastic rather than obsessed! When it comes to crafty homemade decorati

My Sunday Photo (1st Sep)

Can you believe that today is the 1st September? It really doesn't feel like it! Apparently it should cool down by a degree or two from tomorrow, and as much as I love the summer we are so ready for a little respite.  It's been a great summer but I'm looking forward to the routine and the gradual winding down of summer.  We have one week left of the holidays before school starts and 8 weeks left of the summer season.  I'm sure it will start to really feel like September soon enough