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Now you are Seven.... {Leonidas}

Dear Leo, I hope you had a very happy birthday, we had a very busy weekend of celebrations this year!  You all seemed to have great fun at your Star Wars Party and we had a lovely family BBQ afternoon on Sunday - with 'Daddy's Yummy Chicken' and halloumi and pringles at your special request! Starting First Class The biggest milestone for you this year was starting big school and going into first class. It took you several weeks to get used to it as it was a big change but you love your teacher Loukia and now have lots of friends at school.  You are very good at your lessons, especially maths and your Greek language is amazing.  I am so proud of how well you speak and understand the language. Homework is still a challenge for you, although you very good at it when you put your mind to it, you still need quite a lot of encouragement to get on with it! English lessons are your least favourite thing about school, as naturally you find them far too easy! You we

Blink and you miss it....

So much for my renewed enthusiasm for blogging and my promises to myself that I would set aside time at least once a week to writing here again.  There is so many things I could write about but I just can't get them from my head onto the page, and then when I get the chance I don't even know where to start! For so many years I've had so much time, I never understood those who didn't have enough time.   Well, to be honest I still kind of don't!   If you want to do something enough I reckon you can always find a way to do it even if it's hard work.   I want to exercise / write a blog post / cook a healthy dinner etc.... but I just don't want to do that more than check facebook or sleep  - it's not that I CAN'T do those things. So the month of May has flown by in a whirlwind of stuff, all good stuff but it's confused me and I could do with a little lie down now. All the things that I would have once written about and now the time passes and t

One Good Reason to be Cheerful!

I used to love joining in with Mich's Reasons to be Cheerful but it's been such a long time that I have - joined in that is, I've been cheerful of course!   When I noticed the other week that it was going back to her blog this week I realised there was no way I couldn't join in... Tomorrow sees the arrival of my oldest friend,  my playgroup buddy from the age of 3, school friend, college, (no not college that didn't really last very long!) and general drinking / partying / getting into trouble friend! Almost two years ago she turned up on my doorstep in Cyprus for a surprise visit and it was just brilliant to catch up after all the years and show her my new home - especially as it was her first trip abroad and not only her first solo flight, but her first time on a plane at all! This year the trip was planned, and like a kid at Christmas I've been counting down since the flights were booked! I've been searching for some old photos of us, but all I