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Slimming World Dessert - Fruit Pasta

You have read that correctly,  the title of this post is indeed Slimming World Fruit Pasta.  You are also perfectly entitled to think that I have gone completely crazy as you wouldn't be alone in those thoughts.  Over my Slimming World years I've tried many things, some only once and others that have become a staple part of my diet even when I'm not following the SW plan.   Lots of them are very sensible,  things that many people like that I'd just never thought to try before such as butternut squash, cous cous, and spinach all of which I regularly enjoy now.  Some of the things are more 'diet-y'  like cauliflower rice or courgetti (not that I've tried that, but I would be happy to) and some are a bit more odd such as lasagne doritos,  or 'Smash potato scones'   but I've never been more amused by a suggestion than I was when I saw a photo of Fruity Pasta on pinterest yesterday.  The idea of fruit and pasta isn't new of course,  I used to thin