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Slimming World Dessert - Fruit Pasta

You have read that correctly,  the title of this post is indeed Slimming World Fruit Pasta.  You are also perfectly entitled to think that I have gone completely crazy as you wouldn't be alone in those thoughts. 

Over my Slimming World years I've tried many things, some only once and others that have become a staple part of my diet even when I'm not following the SW plan.  

Lots of them are very sensible,  things that many people like that I'd just never thought to try before such as butternut squash, cous cous, and spinach all of which I regularly enjoy now. 

Some of the things are more 'diet-y'  like cauliflower rice or courgetti (not that I've tried that, but I would be happy to) and some are a bit more odd such as lasagne doritos,  or 'Smash potato scones'   but I've never been more amused by a suggestion than I was when I saw a photo of Fruity Pasta on pinterest yesterday. 

The idea of fruit and pasta isn't new of course,  I used to think it strange but there are many recipes out there with melon, or mango, apple etc used in a pasta dish,  but there was a difference to this one....

Where as they usually seem to be a main meal, with the fruit being just a small part this seems to be aiming squarely at a desert option. 

I love desert! 

So what the hell,  why not give it a try I thought.   I like pasta,  I like fruit and one of the hardest things for me on SW is finding a good filling sweet option.

Fruit pasta

It's so easy it doesn't really need a recipe.  It is also very versatile of course, you can use whatever fruit you prefer. 

HOW TO....

Boil your pasta as usual but rather than plain or salted water you need to use a sugar free fruit squash mixture.  I would suggest making it a little stronger than you would usually drink it. 

Sugar free squash and pasta

Pasta boiled in squash

When cooked drain the pasta and leave to cool.

Mix with your chosen fruit, I used defrosted frozen berries mixed with sliced fresh strawberries. 

Mixed fruit berries

Pop the fruity pasta in the fridge. 

Serve with some fat free yogurt or as it comes. 

The length of time you can keep it varies depending on the freshness of the fruit at time of making.  I'm sure it will be fine for a least a day or two. 

It's syn free on SW,  and a good way to add speed food with tons of fruit. 


It's a bit strange but not too bad!   It's sweet and satisfyingly filling on 100% on plan which when following SW is always a good thing.   I wouldn't want to eat a big bowl of it but as a little sweet thing in the evening instead of chocolate bars or similar I think it might be an alternative worth trying. 

I'd be up for trying variations on it, maybe using orange squash and mandarins, I think kiwi fruit or watermelon would also work well. 

What do you think?  Would you try it? 

Sweet fruit pasta


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