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Mummy on the Move - A Halloween twist on Elf on the Shelf

How much magic happens in your house?   Does the Tooth Fairy visit?  Is the Easter Bunny an annual visitor?   Does Santa leave magical snowy footprints, eat mince pies and drink whisky?  (He ALWAYS has mince pies and whisky - no cookies and milk here!)    Will you have carrots left out  for hungry sleigh pullers or sparkly reindeer food scattered outside on Christmas Eve? Do you have a magical Elf that sits on your shelf, and gets up to all kinds of mischief throughout December?  I'm sure it varies but the Easter Bunny passes us by - luckily I'm always on hand to supply chocolate eggs.   The Tooth Fairy is pretty reliable here - only missing one tooth collection due to being ever so busy that night, and of course Santa wouldn't miss his whisky and mince pies in exchange for a couple of stockings here.  No Elf for us though, it was questioned once as to why someone else had an Elf  and I dodged the issue by being really surprised and saying I had absolutely no idea it was ev

Girls day out

In July I had a great day out with the girls, this time a birthday present for Sam, in fact it was a present from Lucy but Rachel and I got to tag along too so it was a bonus for us!  It was great to have a day out that I had no part in arranging at all.  I had a vague idea of one of the places we were to stop at but the rest was just as much of a mystery to me as it was to Sam.    First stop was just off the Larna ca - Limassol highway just before the village of Klavdia to see the wind turbines.  This is something that Sam has wanted to do for ages and she was absurdly excited about it.   I do admit it was pretty cool though, and not something I would have ever even considered doing so it was great.  The turbines are really difficult to get a photo of, especially to demonstrate just how big they are.  Below you can see Sam standing at the base of one.  Next stop, Panagia Stazousa ,  a medieval monastery in the village of Klavdia itself.  We had come prepared with cover ups assuming

A cloudy sky

Today is the first day in a long time that I have seen a cloud.  Not that I am complaining as such,  after all I moved to Cyprus and who doesn't want clear blue skies day after day? They do make for much better sky photos though.  I was excited to see a cloud in the sky though,  and a little dip in temperature today.  It has been so very hot for such a long time now,  it's actually been record breaking this year with the highest temperature since records began of 46 degrees in Nicosia recently.  I'm eager for it too cool a little and for things to move on (and continue moving on hopefully!)   School returns tomorrow after being delayed by a week at the very last minute due to the heatwave rather than covid issues.    I'm looking forward to not feeling like I need 6 showers a day, to going for a walk, and so much more.  Its time for a new season and some normality to return please, I'm hoping the cloud is the start of all that!  

Questions in Quarantine

During lock down when facebook wasn't full of COVID posts there were several question and answer posts doing the rounds,  one was a list of questions to ask your child.  I asked the boys but didn't put it on facebook,  not when there's a blog post to be made of it!  I've had the answers written down for months now so thought I would share.  Leo was first, and as usual was very literal and slightly sarcastic in his answers   1. If you won a million pounds, what would you buy? Nothing because I'm not in England.  2. How long does it take to get to America? Depends from where and how you are travelling. 3. What does Mummy always say to you? "Love you"  or "Leave me alone I'm eating" 4. What job would you like to do when you're older? A good one, that pays well and I enjoy 5. What is the capital of England? 'E'   (then after my rolling my eyes and repeating the question with the word city in it )  London 6. Where do babies come from?