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Be careful what you wish for

Be careful what you wish might just get it I don't know when I first heard that expression but it was a long time ago and I remember thinking how ridiculous it was,  surely if you wished for something it would be good to get it right? I also don't know how many times since then I've realised just how true it is. This morning I woke up at 6am.  The curtains were open as they usually are on weekdays to make it easier for me to get up for school. I'd left them open for the last two weeks despite the shutdown just so it was waking me up naturally around 7 ish.   Not as early as a usual school day as my alarm is usually set for 6:30am, but not as late as I'd normally get up on a weekend these days. The clocks went forward yesterday, but I forgot how much lighter it would be in the morning so when I woke at 6am it felt later.  I lay there for a while trying to get back to sleep, I tried for about 5 minutes and but restless.   I debated whether to pick

Home with the Kids - R2BC

Well, that escalated quickly didn't it? Only a couple of weeks ago the word seemed like a different place,  then schools closed,  followed by restaurants, cafes and pubs,   then 'non-essential' shops and now  we have to text for permission to leave the house (or complete a form when the text message service is not working.) It's a crazy situation and totally surreal. We are doing fine,  feeling grateful for many things knowing that so many people are struggling in so many different ways.   We can't go out to the beach, and we can't meet our friends but it's a small problem compared to many, we can power through. At the start I thought slightly enviously of the people who could lay around watching endless TV, and spending their days exactly as they wished, while we tried to work from home, cook dinners and entertain and educate two over excited kids. Then I realised that they are actually a great distraction, although drive us crazy, they keep us

Photos with the boys

When I was going through old folders of photos to make my decade slideshow I came across a set of photos that Aaron took back in 2014.  I'd just started the Famagusta Parents Network as it was called back then and had been interview by the Cyprus Mail, and to accompany the interview I had to send them a photo.  I decided to use the boys as a cute distraction and asked Aaron to get a pic of the three of us.  Here it is... Looks lovely doesn't it, blue skies, gorgeous boys, happily family by the sea.  Just sit down, take a quick photo and then carry on with a carefree family outing.  If you think that you are spending too much time on social media! At the time I used the photo for the article, and I posted it to facebook.   While I've never deliberatley tried to portray a perfect online image by any means, I don't post the bad stuff - who wants to read that anyway, and who wants to look at 100s of photos of the same thing.      I post photos

A strange time

I'm sharing a photo for no apparent reason other than it was taken exactly one week ago when everything was normal on our little island. Some people were worrying about the spread of coronavirus.    I wasn't really one of them.  Don't judge me,  I'm so over debating it,  if you were worried then, or you are now, that's fine, just do it quietly. Over the last few days I did start to worry a little,  not about contracting the virus but at the panic that was starting to set in here in Cyprus and across Europe and the imapct it would have on the economy and tourism etc.   I know 'health is more important than money'     - if I had a euro for everytime I read that this week I wouldn't need to worry about money! Anyway,  it's out of my hands of course,   what will be will be,   maybe Cyprus is right, maybe the UK is right,  no-one really knows. Cyprus along with many other European countries is effectively on lockdown until 30th April, pretty