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The early daze.....

Now that Leo has turned one I find myself looking back to his first few weeks with us, it was a surreal time, wonderful, tiring, amazing and much more that I could never find words to describe properly. I was told over and over to really cherish the early days as they go so fast, sounds like a cliché but for good reason. So I did. I remember leaving the hospital, walking slowly and painfully down the corridors to the car park, AJ carrying Leo in his black and yellow car seat. I think it was quite a hot day and I was unsure how to dress Leo, all the babies seemed so wrapped up and I felt it was too much but didn't know what to do, a dilemma that stayed with me for most of his first year actually especially arriving in Cyprus where the local babies are often still wearing coats and its over 30degrees. I had planned to breastfeed, however it didn't end up happening (I'm not having the breast versus formula debate now, I may come back to it if the mood takes me)  On his fir

Now you are one....

Happy Birthday Leonidas, You are one whole year old today! I don't know where that little baby (you were never tiny being born weighing 9lb 9oz) went, you were born with a mop of dark hair which disappeared as you rubbed your head on the cot every night, in fact I used to have to hold your little hands onto your chest to stop you fussing with your head. Your hair came back much lighter and now we spend every day in the sun you are going a lovely shade of blonde. You still have "happy feet" you used to lie on your playmat and kick your feet around with such enthusiasm, this has now been replaced by your foot clapping that you love so much - and making "sand angels" with your feet in the sand. You love to talk, (you definitely got that from me) you say Mum mum a lot but I'm not entirley sure it is directed at me. Your first sound was Daddaddad but you often forget to say that for several days at a time. The saying has stuck and I think your Daddy will b

What's in your bag?

I feel have have officially joined the blogging world by being tagged  in my first  meme ,  What's In Your Bag?   So, thanks to  rock and roll mummy  I now feel like a propper blogger!    Before we delve in, I just feel the need to explain the bag.... while pregnant I realised that I rarely carried a bag so could justify having a posh changing bag as it would be also my handbag for quite a while. Although realised that if I had a pink changing bag or suchlike it would lessen the likelihood of AJ taking said bag to change litte'un. I brought a lovely changing bag with matching bottle bag  which I used for all of a week before I realised how annoying it was with straps that wouldn't stay on your shoulder or go over the buggy, as a temporary measure I started using the free boots bag that everyone gets with the nappies.... 1 year on and guess what? Yep still using the freebie bag, although being out here I've not seen any others - In the UK you can go to any bab

6 months in Cyprus!

Wow, we've been in our new home 6 months already! Time confuses me, how can it seem that we've been here forever as well as feeling like it's happened in the blink of an eye? It doesn't really feel like 6 months since I've not seen people I saw every week but I can hardly seem to remember being anywhere other than here! I love it here, both our home and our adopted country. It took me longer than AJ to get it, it was a bigger change for me though once he started work. I went from being surrounded by people to help with Leo and friends I could ring and visit when needed, to having no car, no friends nearby and dealing with a baby for the first time on my own in a country I'd hardly spent any time in. AJ on the other hand was going to work and playing pool on a Wednesday with the boys and living in his own place for the first time in nearly two years. I did have a few low days, no regrets though even at the time, I knew I had to give it time but the days can

The arrival.....

I really don't want to forget Leo's first few weeks but already they are hazy, saying that I think they were probably hazy at the time! Yet again I listened to the advice of people telling me to savour the early days and just like my wedding day, and last weeks of pregnancy I am glad that I did. I do feel that I need to record them in some way so here goes.... Leo was born at 11.30am on May 29th, AJ was reluctantly at the birth, a fact that I thought he would be grateful for afterwards...NOPE! If we ever have any more then I know there is absolutely no chance of Daddy being present! In the end it was an assisted delivery with Leo needing some encouragement in the form of ventouse, not that it was Leo's fault - I only really got the hang of how to push very close to the end and by then it was 12 hours in and they needed to help. Looking back now it seems almost like it all happened to someone else, as he was born the midwife took him to be cleaned up, something I had aske

We don't "do" late.......

Something you should know about me and AJ....... we don't do late! It is one of my biggest pet hates! I feel at this point I must also add that many people told me to wait until I had a baby, then I would change....NOPE, still don't do late! I get ready earlier! Now I admit there have been times where I have been late, due to unforeseen puking or nappy incidents but nothing that a text or phone call apology doesn't cover! Sorry, I digress..... back to my story. Leonidas (or Bob as he was known at the time!) was due to make his appearance on May 16th 2009, now despite reading and hearing time and time again that first babies are usually late I was completely convinced that this did not apply to us! I found out that 38 weeks (not 40) is classed as full term so a baby born at this time is not early, therefore was expecting an arrival any time from the start of May. I was asked a lot towards the end if I was getting fed up, I really wasn't... I was getting a little u

That which we call a rose......

Oooh, what a big decision, what to name your baby! So many things to think about.... what do you like, what does the hubby think? Do you both agree!, does it go with your surname, what can it be shortened to, what will it sound like on an adult! I'm not brilliant with decisions at the best of times, you know, what shall I have for dinner, what do I want to wear today! One day before I was even pregnant AJ annouced that if he had a son he'd like to call him Leonidas, I believe I wasn't too impressed at the time! He had just watched the film "300" with Gerard Butler and not only that had always been a fan of Greek Mythology and suchlike. I thought no more of it really as it was not a revlevant converstaion being that we had no baby on the way The conversation obviously came up again once we found out we were having a boy..... and after MUCH debate we did decide on Leonidas. It grew on me so much but I was still worried about having an "unusual&quo

Biggest surprise of your life??

I never realised how much of a reaction you can get when you answer a simple question, a question that everybody asks, I'd asked it previously, it's the natural follow up to... When are you due?, Is it your first? and sometimes comments such as Aren't you big? Are you sure there's only one in there? Yep, you must have guessed... are you going to find out what you're having? I had always assumed I would probably find out as soon as I got the opportunity unless AJ really didn't want to and then I might have been persuaded otherwise, but I'm not good with suspense! However he definitely wanted to know, and even said he would try and find out and not tell me if I didn't want to know! After posting my first scan picture on Facebook and commenting we would find out at the next scan I was surprised to see the replies saying I shouldn't find out. I had similar reactions in "real life".... apparently it would be something I'd really regret a

A perfect pregnancy?

Perfect pregnancy or good old rose tinted glasses? I feel I was very lucky with my pregnancy compared to so many people I had such an easy time, I was never actually sick just felt a bit queasy for a few weeks the main downfall of that is now the smell of ginger ale makes me feel sick! I had no dramas at all and it generally went very well. The early days where no-one knew where very surreal, as you could possibly guess I'm not good with keeping my life private! I totally understand why people wait until the scan to go public but 3 months.....was never going to happen! Told both sets of parents, so then obviously my sis-in-law. Best friends... and work (a small office of 3 of us) They all know me so well so even if anything had gone wrong I would have had to tell them all anyway. All through my pregnancy I made an effort to appreciate each moment, obviously I didn't actually do that as I'm sure AJ will confirm! However I generally loved it and even with the aches and

Little white sticks

Bit of background... In 2008 AJ and I had been married 4 years, we were slightly differing on the baby plan, Although we both wanted one, he wasn't as impatient as me, so for a year or so we had been "not trying not to" if that makes sense! Not a bad way to go as in theory it takes some of the stress away of trying to get pregnant, it does however give you a monthly dilemma of "Am I or aren't I?" I was very chilled (compared to many) about the whole thing, trying to not think too much about why I had not instantly got pregnant, something I spent my early 20's being terrified about! But as each month passed I was very slowly having doubt about if it would happen. Saying that, I was also worried about it actually happening! I had never spent muck time with babies and really had no idea what to do with them, we were also in the planing stages of our move to Cyprus and I did wonder if it was a good time. Over the months I did several tests, and reacted

Mummy blogging

I've been reading some lovely posts by "Mummy bloggers" this morning - I never knew that they made up such a huge proportion of bloggers. Although makes perfect sense when you think about it, so much to write about and a great record of a really important stage of life, one you are unlikely to remember exactly as it happened. As my little dude is fast approaching his first birthday (where did that year go?) I'm starting to forget the small details of my pregnancy and the early days so I hope to revisit them in my blog and record them for prosperity. I was undecided for so long on what to theme my blog on...being a Mum, living in Cyprus or Leo's growing up etc., before reaching the conclusion that it's my blog so should be about my life which is all of those things and more.