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Slimming World Update and 'Magic Muffins'

After a few very focused weeks back at Slimming World I fell off the plan in a spectacular fashion this week with a new record of a 4lb in one week! That's a week with no special occasions, holidays or nights out, my largest gain in all my SW years has been 3lb and that was after a two week all inclusive holiday. But, Slimming world works, when you stick to the plan and last week I can't say that I did - 2 days after weigh in and a Valentines evening celebration at home with pizza knocked me sideways and I went off the rails somewhat! Hey ho, after my shock on the scales on Wednesday I've been back on plan.  Superfree, scan bran and lots of water are my weapons this week, and of course my new favourite Slimming World muffins. After the success of my 'Magic Pancakes' I decided to try a variation I'd seen mentioned in a facebook group, they are fab and I've been making them every few days. Slimming World 'Muffins' Makes 24 mini muffins.

Exciting new network for Famagusta!

How many times have you asked a question to be met with 'Google it' as a response? These days we have come to expect information at our fingertips, and it came as a big surprise to me when I first arrived in Cyprus to find that Google was letting me down! I looked for places to go, baby groups to attend, local information, bank holidays, how to register for schools, you name it I looked for it  and for the most part I couldn't find it.  A while ago, due to my frustration I set up the 'East Coast Mum's' facebook group which in the end had over 100 members, I often shared information I saw online that I thought might interest other Mums, everything from local events to scheduled power cuts and enjoyed spreading the word to those who might not have heard, here it's not always that easy to know what's going on! Over the last 4 years things have improved a lot but our little bit of Cyprus seems to have always been sadly neglected! Well, no

Silent Sunday

Home Is Where you Make It

Recently I was asked to contribute to the HiFX Expat page , which offers advice to those looking to move abroad. After contributing to their campaign, I realised that I have lots of useful information which I could offer future expats and my favourite... Let your new country become your home. People always say that 'Home is where the heart is', this has never been truer than when moving abroad, because if you still consider England to be your home, then that is where your heart will be. The day we arrived in Cyprus back in 2009 was the day it became our home, from the moment we stepped off the plane we made the conscious decision not to refer to England as 'home'. I figured that every time I thought of it as home I would feel like I didn't belong here and for me at least I didn't think I would be able to settle well if that was the case. I've met many expats who still refer to England as home even after many years here, they go back 'home

Braving the beach!

It appears that I'm not naturally an 'outdoorsy' person, although I do love to go out (assuming it's not too cold, wet or windy!) once you factor the boys into the equation and the stuff you have to take with you, the best time to go avoiding naps to ensure a happier baby, the decision of where to go - can I push a buggy there, will they walk that far, will I have to carry a very heavy toddler,  etc etc, I often come to the conclusion that staying put is far easier. I'm realise that is rubbish, and I often 'waste' the fact I live in the ideal place to be outdoors.  I know that everyone else seems to manage ok with 2 or more kids or various ages and they make it look so easy! This year I WILL get out more. I went from Leo being difficult to heavily pregnant just as he got a little easier to control, then back into buggies and then the very high summer temperatures and then the crawling stage. It's slowly getting easier, now Louka can walk as he hate

Facebook Flashback Friday

With Facebook celebrating it's 10th anniversary this week and the floods of 'Lookback videos' doing the rounds I can't believe I didn't think of it for my Flashback Friday! Jenny did though and as soon as I saw the title of her blog post I knew I HAD to do the same! I joined Facebook in 2007, the year it seems it became popular according to most of the videos I've watched. I had no idea what it was but I was invited by a friend of mine who I was friends with on Myspace.   (I'd used Myspace for a while and liked it but now I'm now really sure what I used it for!) I remember my first two facebook friends and loved reading their profile and witty status updates. One of them still has their original 'About me' "Owner of lions, fine art, the secret of time travel and an over active imagination" the other was something about tights and custard creams! At first there was not many people I knew on there but gradually they appeared a

My biggest piece of advice

You may have realised, especially if you know me in real life and have been on the receiving end of my often endless emails, texts and phone calls that I like to get people together. Parties, picnics, play dates you name it I've tried to arrange it! Why?  Because it's all about friendship, and when I was asked my best piece of advice for an expat, making friends was my reply. When you decide to live in another country for no apparent reason other than ‘because you can’ there are obviously lots of things to consider but there is one very important thing you need to do, it’s not deciding where to live, getting a job or learning the language although these are very good things to have on your ‘to do list’. The most important thing and my biggest piece of advice is to make friends. When you arrive in an unfamiliar place, in country where you don’t speak the main language, when you don’t know how to make a doctors appointment or how to get your car taxed, when you don’t kn

Silent Sunday

Winter time play time

Just before our household got hit by the winter lurgy last week I took the boys out for a bit of fresh air and we went to have a play in a playground we'd never been to before. Always on the look out for new places to go I'm always excited to see somewhere that looks different when I see my friends in Cyprus put new photos up on facebook and like some mad stalker I often message them to find out where they have discovered! Hotels are a very common place to visit, especially in summer and we have a mental list of those where non-residents are welcome to use the pool.  We do have a communal pool in our appartment complex but it's nice to use hotel pools when meeting up with others, and they all have baby pools which ours lacks.  During the winter most hotels are closed and tend to be forgotten but a couple are still good to use for the playgrounds.   So after finding out where my friend had been after seeing some 'new' playground equipment, the boys and I