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Relaxation at the Spa, a holiday in just one morning!

I've heard it said that once you have kids, a trip to the supermarket alone feels like a treat and I have been known to agree with that on many occasions! Working on that theory, what does a morning at a Spa feel like? Especially one which looks like this.... If a supermarket trip feels like a day on a tropical beach, my morning at the spa was a full on summer holiday! Last week I was treated to a morning at Malama Spa and Wellness Centre in nearby Kapparis, and what a treat it was!  Once upon a time, a long time ago I used to regularly use a spa in my local gym, back in the days where I had more free time than I even began to appreciate, when a visit to the gym after work and a quick spa session didn't feel like a treat as such. The spa itself is amazing, set in a cave with a sunken pool, and seating areas all around in little nooks in the 'rocks'.  It has a mosaic tilled jacuzzi, where I got to enjoy a glass of chilled rose - at 10am in the morning..... I

Wonderful Waterworld Fun

Nearly 8 years ago I visited Cyprus for the first time and as we approached Agia Napa I was greeted by the unmissable sight of Waterworld's high flumes as we drove down the highway. I'm such a big kid and I said I couldn't wait to go there! Of course we had no time to visit during our property finding trips, and I knew I'd never get Aaron to visit a waterpark, but I knew that when we started living here that I would be able to go eventually, even if it meant going on my own! It took a little longer for my first visit than I originally imagined, many reasons delayed me including small baby / lack of funds / babysitters.... yes I know it's a family day out but what is the point of paying all that money to sit at the edge of the wave pool or next to a baby asleep in a pushchair! Last year I got my chance, I won a free ticket via the Waterworld facebook page, and announced I was going on my own, or with anyone else who wanted to join me - I was initially even

The dark side of social media and the media bandwagon

They say that bad news travels fast and that has never been more true than now, with the high use of social media these days it takes seconds for stories to travel the world as people share and re-share news reports. While this is obviously an effective means of sharing and raising awareness of something I can't help feeling quite alarmed at the effect this can have.  I spend a lot of time on social media, facebook in particular and I am shocked at the speed at which people rush to share something without checking the facts or the source of information, including the 'official' news outlets.  Recently an 'attempted kidnapping' in a Cyprus hotel just 15 minutes from my house hit the headlines across the UK and I am stunned at the reaction it produced, even when it was announced that it didn't even take place.  I watched as the story spread and was genuinely shocked and saddened by the reports and comments that it attracted in the days following.