Relaxation at the Spa, a holiday in just one morning!

I've heard it said that once you have kids, a trip to the supermarket alone feels like a treat and I have been known to agree with that on many occasions!

Working on that theory, what does a morning at a Spa feel like? Especially one which looks like this....

If a supermarket trip feels like a day on a tropical beach, my morning at the spa was a full on summer holiday!

Last week I was treated to a morning at Malama Spa and Wellness Centre in nearby Kapparis, and what a treat it was!  Once upon a time, a long time ago I used to regularly use a spa in my local gym, back in the days where I had more free time than I even began to appreciate, when a visit to the gym after work and a quick spa session didn't feel like a treat as such.

The spa itself is amazing, set in a cave with a sunken pool, and seating areas all around in little nooks in the 'rocks'.  It has a mosaic tilled jacuzzi, where I got to enjoy a glass of chilled rose - at 10am in the morning..... I told you I thought I was on holiday!

I was never quite able to decide on my favourite between the sauna and steam, but I think the sauna wins by a fraction.  I prefer the dry heat and the lovely wooden 'sauna smell' plus the fact it's a lot easier to see whats happening!

Stepping into the sauna was a bit like stepping back in time for me, the smell took me right back to the carefree days,  and also showed me how much more used to heat I am!  Where I once struggled to sit in one for more than 5 minutes before running for a cool shower I happily sat watching the sand run through the timer without a problem contemplating how it was nothing like getting in my car after it's been sat in the sun!

The treatments followed the spa, and it was fantastic,  I had the full works,  the 'Malama Bliss' package which included a back and neck aromatherapy massage, foot and leg massage, a thalgo hydra marine facial and a hand massage. 

I was impressed that I didn't actually fall asleep, which is always a worry after getting up at 6am and then having a glass of wine at 10am and I didn't want to waste of second of the experience, but I honestly cannot remember a time when I felt as relaxed as I did laying in the treatment room. 

It stayed with me for most of the day, even when I returned home to a potty training toddler!

For more info on the spa, and my morning visit my local information website:

I was provided with a complimentary treatment for the purpose of this review but the opinons are all my own, and it really did feel like a holiday!


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