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The one where I picked up a pencil

Did you know that if you wait long enough for a blog post, another is sure to follow it right up! While I wouldn't go as far as saying I have the blogging bug again,  I think it would take a bit more than two posts,  I did fancy writing another.   I thought I'd share something that I was surprised I could do... For years I have said that I'm no good at art, my go to response has always been 'I couldn't even draw a stick man'  and when Aaron started drawing last year out of lockdown boredom I didn't even consider joining him.  However, in an attempt to encourage the boys to do a 'Draw with Rob' video on YouTube I decided to attempt a drawing,  I assumed it would be terrible but therefore at least make them feel better.   Our first attempt was the 'Gregosaurus' and all three of our attempts were awesome,  I was genuinely surprised how well we had all done.  Spurred on by my initial success I attempted the Unicorn .... I tried a couple more, s

Time for a little update

Hello, my long lost blog readers, just when you thought I'd left you all I'm back for a random blog post or two! I'd been quite happy with not blogging for ages this time with the other things that I've got going on, but I was looking up an old post the other day and realised that after all the years of blogging, hundreds of posts, comments, shares etc, that there was no way I could leave it with the last post being about Fruit Pasta   - I mean what a terrible way to go! I thought I didn't have much to update you on, especially as it seems strange to blog about every little thing these days,  but of course we've had birthdays, and the odd day out (although nothing major due to  a bit of a pandemic going on!)    We've both been double jabbed  - ( I don't want your opinions on it, just saying!) and this means we have our 'safepasses'  and can go to shops and restaurants by showing it to gain entry,  however because Leo is over 12 now he has to be