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Ayios Saranta, The Church in the Hill

Many years ago I saw some photos online of a small church built into the rock somewhere in Protaras, I'd often wondered exactly where it was and finding it has been on my 'to do' list for ages.  Walking has never really been our 'thing' especially with several years toddlers or pushchairs and the fact they don't mix well with exploring, but now the boys are bigger it's a lot easier to go 'adventuring'. After our successful geocaching day earlier this month, I decided to give it another go and started searching for our next geocache and was pleased to discover one very close to the church, making it very easy to find.  We ended up going with Sam and the kids, who knew where it was anyway and was surprised to find out we'd only been a very short distance from it when we went out last time! It's a fascinating little place and while it's only a few minutes drive from Protaras and Ayia Napa it feels like it is in the middl

The one with the massive flashback

Facebook drives me mad a lot of the time, not mad enough to not live on it constantly of course (It's not that I *want* too, I HAVE to because of my work, well that and I'm far too nosy not to!)  It's full of rubbish a lot of the time, but also lots of little gems, funny things and random links that are a major time suck but so addictive. Every now and again though it throws up a gem, or in this case inspiration for a blog post... Recently I saw a link to an 80's nostalgia website and this particular post was all about the 'Come and Praise' hymn book that surely every 80s kid held in their grubby little hands once upon a time. (I couldn't find the original post, so I'm making my own!) We used this book every morning in assembly throughout my primary school years. They were kept in a box and handed out at the door as we left the classroom to go to the 'Big Hall' for assembly.  There were many very battered copies in the box and a few b

Geocaching Day

It's been a long time since we went geocaching, maybe even a whole year but on Tuesday 2nd Jan I suddenly decided to download the app again and planned to go out with the boys the following day. They were excited about the idea, especially after our recent 'adventuring' walk and even more so when it rained so much first thing in the morning ensuring there would be plenty of puddles to jump in! In an unexpected coincidence, it turns out that it was 2 years to the day since we had found our first geocache , so I jokingly announced it was 'Geocaching Day' which impressed the boys even more. There are many geocaches in the area we'd like to go and find but I thought we'd head to Protaras today, firstly because the boys enjoy the 'off road' ones more than the ones hidden in more busy areas as they get to run, play and explore, and on a day like today to jump in muddy puddles!  There are 8 geocaches in a reasonably small area in the hills of Protar

Winter Walks

I love going for winter walks in Cyprus, it's something we have so rarely done yet when I do bother to get out its' great, especially now everyone can walk (well, Aaron not so much at the moment but we can leave him at home!)  and generally not fall over. We went out during Christmas week and had a lovely walk along the cliffs in Kapparis and some time on the beach. It was very warm, despite it feeling chilly at home and I even took my fleece off and sat in a short sleeved t-shirt! While sitting on the beach watching the boys compete to throw rocks the furthest into the water I thought how amazing it was to be there, in December and how it was better than being indoors. I thought we need to do this more often, I thought I need to remember that it's always worth going out I thought with a smile,  I should write it down so I don't forget Louka had not wanted to go out when it was first suggested, moaning first about getting dressed, then having to pu

Hello 2018

Hello 2018! How are we here already?  I realise it just makes me sound very old but seriously, how can we have reached a year that once sounded so far into the distant future to me that I couldn't have even imagined it.   Of course, once upon a time 1999 seemed like a long way away, but I feel like I've lost a decade somewhere if I think 10 years ago I still have to check myself to think it was actually 2008 not 1998! Last year Aaron was thinking it very funny to constantly tease me about the fact I would be turning 40 in October,  I generally tolerated it as I was ignoring the actual age thing and excited about the forthcoming celebrations.  I did assume that the jokes would stop once I became a 40-something but he still continues,  I wouldn't mind but he's older than me! So, I'll be 41 this year,  meh,   it's ages away and who actually cares. 40's the new 30 anyway ( thanks Pitbull! )  I guess that makes me a proper adult (or was I supposed