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2016 Flashbacks - Part 4

October is a favourite month of mine, it starts of still being ever so hot, and soon cools enough to spend time in the sun without feeling like you are going to melt! We started the month with the Daxifest Charity Festival,   we were working with the Photo Booth and it was nice to be able to let the boys see what we did and get them to help out a little bit - well, they mainly left us and played on the bouncy castles but at least they were in Klik t-shirts! It was my birthday month, and I celebrated the last of my 30's with a girls breakfast on my birthday morning as I had to work that evening,  followed by a belated night on the following weekend. The boys and I enjoyed a great 'Ochi Day' watching the parade in the village for the first time and then having a day out on the beach followed by lunch in our favourite family restaurant. We ended the month with some great Halloween celebrations,  both planned and almost accidental! Cyherbia's Halloween Eve

2016 Flashbacks - Part 3

Our summer is long here in Cyprus, not only because of the heat, but also the fact that the schools close for 13 weeks and the summer holiday starts in mid June.  Add that to the fact that for most people I know here it is the busiest time of year where many people get very few days off, if any at all.  (Aaron, like many here do, used to work 7 days a week from April to November) We are very lucky to have had lots of work this year but in a way that we got to enjoy the summer as well. In July we had a great family day out at Cyprus Land in Limassol  and combined it with a trip to the Mall, bowling and dinner on the way home.  It's not often we do a 'big' day out like this which makes it all the more special and memorable when we do. There was of course tons of swimming, both in our shared pool at home and out at various hotels with friends and the obligatory ice creams treats! Leo had started Taekwondo lessons in June and was so excited to finally get his whites

2016 Flashbacks - Part 2

Continuing with my flashback posts of 2016 (you can find part 1 here ) we are moving onto April, when apparently I declared that Summer was beginning and we had several Sunday afternoons down at our new favourite beach . We went exploring again and rediscovered the 'secret cave'  at the Agia Napa Aqueduct, in fact we went twice meeting friends there the second time for a picnic.  I declared that I was going to get back to ' blogging on the balcony' and I really believed it,  although I didn't take into account that we were approaching 'Wedding season' here in Cyprus and we were about to be working more than ever before! April is always the time when the island starts to wake up again, and Carnival kicks it all off!  I wrote about how it was my favourite time of the year .  May May was a great month, it is of course Leo's birthday, and this year to celebrate his turning 7 we had a Star Wars party. But it was also