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Now you are 6 {Loukas}

Dear Louka, Happy 6th birthday little dude! I should probably stop calling you the little one - I know you are not that little any more! A big year for you this year - you finished Prodimodiki (pre-school) and in 2 weeks time you move up to first grade and start your new school with your brother who will be going into fourth grade.  I really hope you enjoy school as much as Leo, and settle in well.   You are very excited at the moment anyway. This year you have changed a lot, so chatty and funny at home and you are much more of an equal to Leo when you play these days.  You have got so much better with playing games, and not always winning,  unless you play Leo, when you are more likely to get upset by losing.   It's like you don't mind not to win, as long as you are not losing to him! Your love of this year has been football, ever since you watched the World Cup with Dad.  I love your conviction that one day you will be in a world cup team, despite n