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All things come to those who wait

For as long as I can remember I have been told that "All good things come to those who wait" Do they, or should you get off your backside and go and get them yourself? Looking back over my life so far I have spent a depressing amount of time waiting for something or other. I don't mean buses, or delivery men, although I've done that too! I mean waiting for something to get better or something to happen. It's been various things over the years, as a child I was waiting for birthdays or Christmas or to be old enough to do different things. As I got older I was waiting to find a boyfriend, a better job, to get married and have a baby. I waited for exciting things to happen, like a good night out or a holiday., to live in a better house, I think I was waiting for everything to be "just right" I don't think I always realised I was waiting but I'm sure I've always had the feeling that something wasn't quite right, like I was sure somet

101 in 1001

Today I have finally finished making my 101 in 1001 list, (to see the whole list and find out what the hell I'm going on about click here ) it's been much harder than I originally anticipated! The start date of my list was July 29th 2010, which was the day I got our  Cypriot Residency forms completed . This means that the 1001 days will be up on April 26th 2013. Sounds like a long way away doesn't it, I wonder how many I'll get done with no panic at the end! What things would you put on your list if you had one? Do you have one already? Leave me a comment and let me know, I'd love to see what others would like to do.

A Misread smile?

When I was 18 my parents gave me a brilliant party, it was held at my local rugby club where I was spending a lot of my time at that point. I had lots of friends there but I was most excited to have my boyfriend there. When we got the photos back (I love my digital camera but I do miss the excitement of picking up a packet of photos) I absolutely loved this one. I thought it was so romantic and framed it in a heart shaped frame that someone had brought me. Every time I looked at it I thought how lovely it was and how he was looking at me with such affection (something I felt at the time didn't happen much!) Some years later in conversation I mentioned the picture and he laughed and said he was just looking at me and trying to get me off him as I was so drunk and falling on him! I was quite upset about it at the time as it was not how I had imagined it at all! He is no longer my boyfriend but my husband and the photo is now almost 15 years old but I still love the

A lovely blog!

Woo hoo! I got my first ever award! It was passed onto me by Marie at  The Things We Find Inside . To accept the award I have to link back to her blog and pass it on to 10 other bloggers. So here we go... (yes I am aware there are only 9, I'm not following that many yet so here are my favourites) It's all about the photos Little Island in the Med Mummy's Busy World The (Nudie) Princes Diaries Pants With Names Mummy Mishaps Lost in translation A Place of my own 3 Bedroom Bungalow And not forgetting..... here is my award.

The Gallery - A Celebration

 This weeks Gallery was quite a tricky one for me, I love a celebration and that combined with my photo obsession meant I had a lot to choose from. Eventually I decided to choose some pictures from Leo's Christening, which was also our leaving party as it was two days before we left for Cyprus. Leo's godparents are some of our very best friends.  My oldest friend Nicola - we went to playschool together and have been best of friends ever since,and her husband Roy - love him to bits too, we've had a great love-hate relationship for years (I love to hate him!) which I've just ruined by telling the world I love him really! Our brilliant friend Martin, who we've known a much shorter time but long enough to know that we will always be good friends regardless of where we live - him and AJ are very similar and we all get on like a house on fire. Although Leo won't see much of them as he grows up we chose them because they are all very important to us.... well e

Living in the Goldilocks Zone

"This porridge is too hot," Goldilocks exclaimed. So she tasted the porridge from the second bowl. "This porridge is too cold." So she tasted the last bowl of porridge. "Ahhh, this porridge is just right!" she said happily. And she ate it all up. Goldilocks and the three bears  It is 9pm on the 8th September and we are in the "Goldilocks Zone"  AJ has said several times this year that there is no pleasing me when it comes to the weather, I think it's too cold, too hot, too wet etc.. Well I tonight whilst sitting on the balcony I suddenly announced that I was a perfect temperature! He replied with "Not too hot, not too cold" hence the title of this post.  Before my UK trip I would sit outside after a shower and be drenched in sweat in minutes, I realised this evening that after a pleasantly hot but not too sweaty day that I was exactly the right temperature for the first time in ages.  We now slowly on our way into autumn / winter

The Gallery - One Day in August

The theme of this weeks Gallery is One Day in August. The day was Sunday 29th August, it was AJ's first day off since we got back from England and we took Leo to our favourite pool. It was the first time Leo understood the point of armbands and was happily running up and down in the water for ages. Each time previously he'd been too busy trying to get them off to realise that it meant he could walk around unaided without going under.

Five Question Friday

I found this Friday follow meme from  My Little Life  and thought I'd join them. You answer the 5 questions then link up so here goes.... 1.What do you do when you have time to yourself? I would say read, as I love reading but in reality I'm more likely to be on the internet, blogging or nosing around on Facebook.  Also as often as I get the chance I'm likely to be sleeping, whether it's an early night or a sneaky nap with Leo - I don't like the fact I want to sleep so much, there is better things I could be doing but hopefully one day I'll be able to do my sleeping all night again without getting up so much! 2.When you look out of your kitchen window what do you see? Technically I don't have a kitchen window, but we do have triple patio doors from our kitchen/living room and from these you can see fields running pretty much to the sea along with the hotels in the abandoned town of Varosha,,I've blogged about it before  here . 3.Who / What would

Is the grass ever greener on the other side?

I found a great quote today.... "The grass may be greener on the other side, but you still have to mow it" It's very true, many people move to Cyprus (and other places) thinking that life will be suddenly great, that they will leave all their worries behind and the sun alone will make everything perfect. It is also true that a living in Cyprus doesn't work out for lots of people, I think often for this very reason. I think often people arrive on what they expect to be a permanent holiday, I would imagine that even if you were lucky enough not to have to work and you had the funds to maintain a holiday lifestyle that you would soon tire of it (well maybe not that soon, but eventually!) We never expected to be living like that, we knew with AJ at work and me looking after Leo that it wasn't going to be an option, we have bills to pay, household chores to do and general daily living like anybody else with a mortgage and a 1 year old. We had a month when we