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Snow in Cyprus!

Does it snow in Cyprus? You may be surprised to know that it does snow, every year but high in the mountains. You can ski from around December to February (and on a good day get to the beach for a sunbathe in the same day).   There are times when many mountain roads are closed to normal vehicles and it's a very popular day out for the novelty value of seeing the snow. We took Leo up the Troodos mountains t wo years ago which was fun for a short while until he got cold and told us he never wanted to go there again! So, snow in Cyprus is a regular event, and not surprising at all,  unless it reaches the coastal areas and then everyone goes a little bit crazy. It always amuses me when it snows in the UK and everyone (as I would!)  runs to facebook and instagram to tell the world it is snowing, when in reality they could just look out their window. The snow panic, the rush to buy bread and milk, the chaos on the roads and the schools closing left, right and centre. Bu

Project 52 - Week 2

Loukas started nursery this week, I think it might have all caught up with him.   I thought he was a little bit quiet and turned around to see he hadn't even managed to eat his lunch or even sit down before falling asleep!

Why don't you? (turn off the tv and do something less boring instead)

Why don't you turn off that tv and do something less boring instead? Do you remember that program?  I may just be showing my age. but I always used to watch it in the school holidays, obviously not taking the advice from the opening credits!  (I assume they meant turn off the TV AFTER the program had finished! )  Back in the days pre-children I swore blind that they wouldn't sit in front of the television all day, it would be on for a small amount of time each day for fun but educational programs which we would watch together and talk about to see what we had learnt...... yes I know I was somewhat deluded and had no idea what would inevitably happen.  (I also thought I would only feed them nutritious and healthy home cooked meals and very strictly ration sweets, crisps and junk food but that's a whole other blog post!)  Between birth and about 6 months Leo had never watched a program, although I was quite a fan of inane daytime tv when he was tiny, I was still

Let's move to Cyprus {Part two}

The story of our move to Cyprus is like many things in our lives, fairly random, and it's taken me five years to get round to writing it down. I thought it was about time considering this was the reason I started a blog in the first place! You can read part one here - Let's Move to Cyprus The idea of moving was talked about more and more and it was starting to feel like was actually something we could do, although we were still yet to ever have set foot in the country. It does seem ridiculous, especially as I knew nothing about Cyprus and could only imagine it to be somewhere between Greece and Turkey (in appearance, not just geographically!)  Which makes it more strange as I'd been to Turkey and didn't much like it, and I'd been to Greece (Corfu) and stayed in a cheap and nasty apartment on a teenage drinking holiday  so my idea of a combination of the two countries didn't fill me with confidence! My Mum and Dad however had been to Cyprus many times a

Christmas is for kids (big kids too!)

We spent Christmas Eve having a fairly normal day but we took the boys to the park in the afternoon for a chance to burn off some energy and excitement.When we got home the Christmas countdown really began as we started to track Santa and play some festive games together on my laptop. For the third year I produced the 'Snuggle Sack' much to the delight of the boys. This year the boys had new pyjamas, we all had crisps, and chocolates to share, as well as a Christmas story and the boys stockings and our 'Santa Stop Here' sign and a new DVD.   Earlier in the day Leo had said in a random comment that one day he'd love to have a special Hot Chocolate with cream and sprinkles, like he'd seen on a Christmas game. As we sat to watch the film asked if he'd like a special hot chocolate, with cream, chocolate sprinkles, a chocolate stick and a candy cane, you should have seen his face!   He jumped for joy and said 'Thank you, thank you Mummy, I'm so

Daxi Christmas Collection and FPN Charity Clothes Swap

Last year I became aware of a fantastic charity by the name of KEPA 'St Christopher's Centre for Offering and Love'  after being involved in the Daxi Magazine Easter Collection.  I chose to donate all the money raised at the Famagusta Parents Network fun day to the collection, and was kindly invited to the foundation for a tour. The centre, based in Paralimni is run by volunteers and does a huge amount of work for so many members if all ages in the community. From the well equipped special needs school which helps more than 100 children with qualified teachers helping them to walk, speak, write and more, to the nursing home for the elderly it really covers everything. The centre provide 'Baskets of Love' and this is mainly where the Daxi Easter collection was able to help out. By the donations the centre receive they are able to distribute essentials of food and drinks for families in desperate need. Since 1998 they have been delivering food parcels to the sur

Project 52, Week One.

Back in 2012 I took part in Project 52, posting a 'Silent Sunday' photo each week here on my blog, I watched many of my favourite bloggers completing the more ambitious 365 Project - a photo a day for a year and by the start of 2013 I had been tempted to join in. After Aaron telling me he'd be surprised if I lasted 2 weeks I was determined to see it through, and I did, taking at least one photo every day for the entire year. It was a struggle, especially for the last few months, not so much always taking the photos but keeping up with publishing them all, they also started to feel a bit forced at the end, like I was taking them for the sake of it.  I decided not to attempt it again for 2014, and I found I hardly took any photos during the year to what I had in previous years.  Now, armed with a new phone which has a decent camera I'm planning to change that.  Although I have bigger plans this year with blogging I'm not ready to take on the daily challe

A busy Christmas season and family fun

Happy New Year! I'm really excited about 2015 but before we get too far I'm taking the chance to look back over Christmas and the festivities leading up to it.  We had a great time and there was so much going on this year, a big difference from when we first arrived in 2009. I didn't have my 'blogging head' on this month so have fewer photos than previous years but I enjoyed it all in person without seeing it all through the camera. The festivities started early this year with Leo's school fete in the park opposite his school which was the last weekend in November. It's the third time we've attended now and as ever was a really enjoyable afternoon.  Like previous years our highlight was the trip on the Red Bus with a present from Santa, but Leo also enjoyed the craft tables and the games which were set up all around the park. There were also pony rides and a few small fairground rides but he wasn't interested in any of them! As it got dark ev