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Now you are Seven {Louka}

Dear Louka, Happy birthday little dude! So now you are 7 years old, and we should probably stop calling you the 'little one' but as Dad says, he's in his 40s now and is still the little'un according to Auntie Bek so you're going to be stuck with it too. You've had a great year,  started big school and you have enjoyed it so much more than your little school.  You like going to school with Leo for the first time, and now even walking together without me.   I hope you enjoy 2nd class just as much and do even better this coming school year. What else can I say about you,  you are a contradiction - very loud and crazy and very quiet, such extreme opposites! We are proud how you talk to many more people these days, even if you don't really want to it makes such a difference when you answer questions and acknowledge the fact that you are being spoken to. Your swimming is amazing, you have definitely nailed that now, jumped straight in at the st

A Minecraft Party

Just before we celebrate Loukas 7th birthday I thought I'd better share some photos from last years.  The themes have never come as easily as they do for Leo's birthdays, I think because Louka generally is not one for being really into something.  Leo's a bit like me in the way that if we like it we LOVE it and everything to do with it,  we will read the book, watch the film and know all there is to know about it.  So when it comes to parties we love the little details.  As Louka approached his 6th birthday however it became clear that a Minecraft party would go down very well.   Louka only had one special request for the party which was a pinata,  whatever else happened was not a concern of his!. As usual I jumped onto Pinterest for inspiration, and roped in Aaron for some crafty bits and Leo who is also our resident Minecraft expert. The Food I love food labels! As well as egg sandwiches - a staple of all our birthday parties and a long running

Musings of a veteran blogger

It's been a while but here I am again, as we approach the next birthday and my thoughts return to the traditional birthday blog posts.  I'm not sure why I  always feel the need to explain my lack of blogging, or who I think might care but here come the explanations (excuses!) I started work this season, part time,  it's officially 2 days a week but summer is busy and that tends to spill over to 3 or 4 quite often (in addition of course to our   website and photo booth).  I work with a great team of ladies during the summer season here, covering the east coast of Cyprus cleaning and steaming wedding dresses .  I'm enjoying it and it's been a great year so far but it does make a big difference to the amount of time I have and while it's been relatively easy to adjust, it's still a change that we've all had to get used to. I'd say the main reason for my lack of posts is the age of the boys now,  and the fact that I feel like I should or I want to