Me and Mine - A family portrait project

Over the last year I have seen some of my favourite blogs taking part in the 'Me and Mine' family portrait project, it's something I've enjoyed seeing and but not got round to taking part it.  It's rare that we get a photo of the four of us, as one of us is always behind the camera but I treasure the few photos we have together.

With the start of our business Klik Photography it feels even more important to get the family shots, we had plans for a festive family photo shoot using Aaron's new mobile portratit studio but Christmas and work unfortunately distracted us.

All is not lost though as we have been busy setting up our new addition to the company for 2015, Klik Photography now has the PARTY BOOTH, a digital portable photobooth for events, wedding and parties. The boys have wanted to be involved in all the excitement of unpacking the boxes and building the booth on our practice runs, and of course who could stop them from diving into all the props we are starting to acquire.

After taking on their important roles of Chief Prop Testers we all piled into the booth for a test shot after they informed us exactly what we would be wearing of course!

I am looking forward to taking part in 'Me and Mine' in 2015 although maybe not all in silly hats!


  1. Hahahaha, love these photos. So silly and fun. I'll look forward to seeing you hopefully join in during 2015, you won't regret it. x

  2. Lovely pics. There is something particularly fun about a photo booth... My girls would love it! Look forward to seeing you at #meandmine next year!

  3. Such lovely fun photos! Hope 2015 will be a good year for you :-)

  4. and the same to you! Thanks for popping by xx

  5. There is isn't there, and there seems to be no age barrier to it, everyone loves them!

  6. I'm looking forward to it xx

  7. Oh that's a brilliant way to properly test a photo booth - I think if we had one in the house I'd never get the girls out of it, they love dressing up so much!

  8. Thankfully it's not set up all the time or they'd use all the prints up in seconds!


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