The 30 Day Shred - Let's do it!

At the beginning of the year I announced that I had the mad idea to try and do the '30 day shred'. It sounded terrifying so I thought I'd work up to it and do the 6 week challenge on EA Sports on the Wii. However, a week into it and I realised it's a bit rubbish so I thought I'd just go for it!

So on Saturday I dug out my exercise mat and tins of beans (as weights!) and did Day 1. It was bloody hard work, and I did think I was going to die but I figured it was only 20 minutes so I just powered through whilst swearing and moaning (in my head as I didn't have the breath or energy to do it out loud!)

The push ups were the probably the hardest, well those and the jumping jacks, oh and the last section of abs. I could feel like I'd worked out afterwards but was pleasantly surprised the next day, although I did ache I had been expecting to be unable to move.

Day 2 was harder as it was the same as Day 1 with the addition of aching muscles. Day 3 was about the same.

I've just finished Day 4 and I would say that it did feel a little easier, not quite so achey today and the cardio was not so hard - by that I mean it was hard, I just felt like I might not keel over before the end!

It turns out I like being told exactly how to do something, I've done various exercise DVDs before but I've always followed the girl doing the 'easy version' and stopped when it got too hard. Because of how the Shred is designed I plan to do it exactly as you should - and so far it has really made a difference to how I think about it.  Usually I would not have pushed myself anywhere near as hard as I have these last few days but it seems like it might not actually kill me after all.

Before I got pregnant with Leo I did have a flat stomach, I got that by doing a million (probably) sit ups. In one of the DVDS I had the instructor said during the abs work out 'Do this every day and you will be fit'..... so I did. I got the same music on my phone and did the ab section every night before bed,  you know what   She was right!

Aaron has made me this rather posh planner - it now has pride of place on our fridge and I'm taking great delight in marking off each day as I go.


  1. veryboredincatalunya29 January 2013 at 12:55

    Loving your chart! I should have made myself one, I'm bound to forget what day I'm on. Good luck. x

  2. i LOVE the planner and the wording on it!
    it was seeing you write about 30 day shred which made me google it and learn about the wonders of the shred!! so thank you. funny how similar we are even with measurements and exercise DVDs lol
    wishing you lots of luck and i am 3 days behind you but determined to stick with it with you as my guru :) x

  3. Love the planner! I need one for my frig, too. I'm on day 3 of the 30 Day Shred and haven't gotten discouraged yet. I WILL be fit by 40!

  4. I've done the shred! An absolute killer but I definitely felt fitter for it. Didn't lose any weight though, did you?

  5. I have done this program before along with the other videos she has but it has been hard to stick with it. Thanks so much for the planner.


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