A visit to Kapparis Mini Zoo and Viewpoint

Just before Christmas we had a visit from Aaron's Mum and his two nephews, I love having visitors as not only is it lovely to see people again after so long it makes us much more likely to do 'tourist stuff'.  For some time now I've been meaning to visit the Famagusta view point and mini zoo in Kapparis, just down the road from us. I went with Leo and a friend of mine a couple of years ago but he was a little bit young to appreciate it. 

It is situated at the end of Kapparis, as far as you can go along the coastline towards the closed of city of Famagusta. It's a fascinating, yet sad, when you remember the reason it exists. As a trip out it's not too expensive (€4 for adults, €1 or children) and has more to keep the kids entertained than the other viewpoints you can visit.

There is a small museum with information and displays about the invasion of 1974 and the effects it had on the island. Photos of Famagusta and Varosha prior to 1974 when it was the islands largest tourist destination. There are plenty of free books and leaflets you can take if you wish to know more as well.  There is also a very interesting video about it to watch, although if you have children it is very unlikely you'd get to see the whole thing!

Turkish invaison 1974

Up on the roof, for €1 you can use a telescope to view the abandoned hotels in the distance on the bay of Famagusta.
Varosha, Famagusta, Ghost town,

For the younger ones of course the mini zoo is the good bit! Leo loved seeing the animals - well except the goat, he was a bit alarmed by him, but to be fair the fence holding him in looked like it had seen better days so I don't blame him!  

Kapparis Mini Zoo

It couldn't be classed as a day out by anyone's standard as there is not enough to fill that much time but its worth a visit with young kids to see the animals and for everyone else to learn a bit more about the recent history of Cyprus.


  1. MidlifeSinglemum10 January 2013 at 11:36

    Half days out are also great with little ones. Has the storm hit you today? We have had terrible weather since last Friday.

  2. We had snow!! Ok, only for about 5 mins but it was definitely snow!

  3. As midlife single mum said half a day out is usually long enough with little ones in tow! I do love visiting the zoo we managed one trip last year to the one at Paignton and really want to visit Bristol zoo this year.
    Thanks for linking up x

  4. Looks like a lovely day out. Hoping this post is coming to Country Kids too.

  5. Looks like great fun. A half day is usually plenty for little ones anyway x

  6. The museum bit sounds so interesting but sad.

  7. sometimes half days are just as much fun, especially if there are plenty of animals to see, The view is lovely too x

  8. The museum sounds interesting and that goat looks big so I don't blame Leo either :D

  9. I've just been and 'wiki'ed Varosha and Famagusta; how dreadful that the area is just abandoned and so very eerie. It's like the towns which have had radioactivity dumped on them and they are just abandoned; deserted as if the people had just gone to the shops or been zapped out of the air! I bet it's a fascinating museum to visit?

    Popping over from Flashback Friday


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