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Back in January 2006 I first joined a Slimming World class, I didn't realise back then what a lasting effect it would have on me or how it would actually change my life.  Over the course of 2 years I lost  4 stone and got into a dress size I hadn't been able to since I had been 12 years old!

Slimming World Before and after photos

I eventually reached my target again after my first pregnancy and am now back on the plan to reach my target again after my second pregnancy.

Here is a round up of my Slimming World posts,my story, recipes and anything else related!  If you are a SW fan check back (or follow my blog by subscribing via email in the box on the top right!) as I'll add to this page along the way.

My Recipes 

Slimming World Weetabix Cake - My all time favourite!

Slimming World Spaghetti Carbonara 

Slimming World Quiche

Syn free pancakes

Balsamic Beef Casserole

'Big Mac in a bowl'

'Kentucky Fried Chicken'

Cheesy Meatball Pasta Bake

My Slimming World Story

The best thing I ever did - Part 1
The best thing, Part 2 

My 5 minutes of fame! (nominated for Slimming World 'Woman of the Year')

At Target - 3rd time lucky!


Although the Slimming World plan is great, you will not achieve your ideal weight without added exercise, at least not very easily! I had never willingly exercised before joining Slimming World but I ended up being a big fan. Since having the boys I've not got back into it but I'm making a renewed attempt to this time round!

How my fitness levels changed.

I've now started the 30 Day Shred,
30 Day Shred Update


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