Sunday, 31 October 2010

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween to you all!

Yesterday AJ and I took Leo to his first Halloween party. It was a kids party but us being us decided it would be rude not to get dressed up too, any excuse!

The party went off very well, there was relatively little destruction and no tears that I can remember, not a mean feat when you consider most of the children there are about 2! The food was great, everyone contributed something and it was all yummy. We took a pumpkin cake, a joint effort between the two of us, I made the cake, AJ decorated it.

It also means I get to cross another item off my 101 in 1001 list

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Friday, 29 October 2010

Don't Dream it.... Be it!

I would like, if I may, to take you on a strange journey......

On my birthday in 2003 a small group of us went to see The Rocky Horror Show. Just before the show started this is what happened.....

He had "the ring to prove that he's no joker"

Yep, this is the moment where AJ got down on one knee and asked me to marry him!

We now have a long running love affair with The Rocky Horror Show, we have seen it many times and even (to my Mum's initial bemusement) named the tables at our wedding reception after Rocky Characters. Our Rocky Fan friends were the "Riff Raff" at the back!

We thought about having the Timewarp as our first dance but we decided against it. It didn't stop us later in the evening though.

For AJ's birthday in 2008 we went to Oakley Court Hotel in Windsor. This is where the film was shot and where the Official UK RHS fan club holds an annual picnic.
Didn't we pass a castle a few miles back?
We went not really knowing what to expect but we had a fantastic weekend, the picnic was great, we chatted to lots of other Rocky fans (and discovered we are nowhere near as big fans as we thought we were compared to some of them!) and it didn't rain!

We're at the back!
We even got to meet the man himself.....  Richard O'Brien
I created you, and I can break you just as easily!

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Dear so and so

Dear Scouts.

OH MY GOD please stop with your bloody band practice! I realise that may be a little harsh especially as you obviously need the practice. I can only hope you are just practising for the bank holiday on Thursday and then you will give it a rest for while again.

Yours, Emma, with a pounding headache.

Dear Leo,
I'm very proud that you can walk and run about and I understand that it's very exciting and you want to do it all the time, however please believe me when I say it's time to go in the car, usually we are going out to do something much more exciting than walking round the car park. Oh, and well done for sleeping through the bloody racket the scouts are making.

Big kisses, from your loving Mummy

Dear Sick bug,
We are very glad to see the back of you, you were very unpleasant and stole almost a week from us altogether. You are now doing the rounds with other people here - it's about time you gave up and disappeared now. No one likes you, everybody hates you....

A recovered but still slightly bruised patient.

Dear AJ
Thank you for being such a star and looking after me when I was ill. Sorry for passing it onto you as well just when we thought you had managed to avoid it.

Love you, Wifey

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Sunday, 24 October 2010

Older and wiser?

Ah, another year older...

Two weeks ago I celebrated my 33rd birthday, even though a couple of months ago I had been convinced that I was coming up to my 32nd  (I blame being pregnant and not drinking on my 31st, I think maybe that meant it didn't count as a birthday!)

I always like to celebrate a birthday in along with a few friends we decided to go out on the town in Agia Napa. Being "Napa" we thought it would be fun to dress up just to help the celebrations along. 
Three of the the party girls!
We started off in a karaoke pub, Sam (the one in purple) is a HUGE karaoke fan and is a bloody good singer. I couldn't even tell you how many times she got up to sing, and that's through losing count as opposed to too much beer. I on the other hand would love karaoke if I could sing....or was quite drunk.......

I got a free birthday drink....just happened to be a "fishbowl"  Gotta love 'Napa!

Sorry Mum, drinking pints again!
ruined sang "Like a Prayer" by Madonna. Spurred on by that success three of us then sang "Holiday". The highlight (for me, maybe not the other people in the pub, but hey they're all be home by now) was singing "Hold On" by Wilson Philips, which is possible my all time favourite song. Not one I would have considered doing but good ol' Sam got up to do it and I got a bit over excited and joined her!
At some point, I guess about 1am we left the pub and went to Car Wash a club I have been waiting to go to for a very long time! In fact I wanted to go there that much it was even on my 101 list. From this point things do become a little hazy....there was drinking, singing, oh and some dancing on the bar! 
Look at the haze....smoking indoors (clubbing as it should be , lol)

I'm not 100% sure if we left as it closed but I do know it was 5.30am when I got home! Luckily AJ was on Leo duty and I didn't actually surface until gone lunchtime. My actual birthday was on the Monday - as you might expect I had a very quiet day and not even a drop of alcohol. I may be another year older but wiser???  Not so much! 

(It was worth every second of the hangover though!)

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Entered into The Boy and Me's Showoff Showcase  June 2011

Thursday, 21 October 2010

The Gallery - Red

I nearly passed on this weeks Gallery again this week, the prompt is Red and there were only one set of photos that came to mind.

When AJ and I got married back in 2004 I wore red (mainly white - I thought about just red but couldn't resist the lure of the big white dress). I have been meaning to do a "Wedding post" for some time so I'll save the best photos for now and just give you a taster of the day.....

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Normal service will be resumed shortly!

Please bear with me dear readers, all has not been normal in our household for what now seems like a lifetime!

After planning to get back to normality after my 3 weeks in the UK and our visitors with us for the following 4 we have been attacked by illness. I started it unfortunately with a cold which I battled through (and managed to drink through the pain on my birthday celebrations...more about that later!) and then kindly passed it to AJ where it turned into manflu :)

Just as he was recovering Leo got a sickness bug which he has passed to me, and as of this morning I have now given to AJ. Leo seems fine now thankfully and I'm a lot better but not quite back on top form.

Hopefully it won't be long now until all is well here once again.

Thursday, 7 October 2010

The Gallery - Here Come the Girls

This week's Gallery prompt is Here Come the Girls. This would normally be a hard one for me as I've got lots of girls in my life that are very important to me and hundreds of photos from which I could never choose from. However yesterday one of my very best friends went back to the UK after staying with me for a whole month so it seemed apt to use these photos.

We met at secondary school, went to college together, worked together after dropping out of college and have been friends ever since. We were drinking partners, still are but apparently can't quite handle it as well these days!
We have both got married (were each others Bridesmaids) and now both have gorgeous baby boys. It's such a shame that we can no longer spend as much time together as our boys would be very close friends (Well, we'd hope so!)

 On holiday in Kavos, 1995
No idea what we were doing but it looks a bit suspicious. 
 Gran Canaria 1996
My wedding in 2004
Sarah's Hen night 2006
Sarah's Wedding 

Would you believe it though.... she had been here for a month and we didn't get a single picture of the two of us!

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