Monday, 16 November 2009

Not long to go now.....

It's been a while since my last blog due to a combination of chaos and lack of internet!

We are currently in between homes, having left my parents but staying with my very lovely friend Nic (she might be reading!) We have been to the apartment - (more on that later) and been busy sorting stuff out here and tying up lots of loose ends.

This weekend will be busy, we have a leaving party at our local and also Christening / Leaving do on the Sunday. While I am looking forward to both I'm worried I'll be really upset saying goodbyes :( I almost feel it would be easier to just go now as it seems like I've already left, but obviously I wouldn't as I'm never one to miss a party!

Our apartment is lovely, I suppose sounds like a strange thing to say after months of looking at the photos which of course look lovely but it's still not the same as being there. I am so pleased that we made the trip even though we'll be back there for good in a week as it gave me the chance to see it and get used to it without arriving with a possibly cranky baby! It also gave us the chance to go out for dinner and have a rather drunken night in our new local.

We spent a couple of days wandering round the shops and getting to know the place. Bought a couple of bargains - a rug and a Tv unit which makes the place look a lot more homely now. I was also able to give the place a good clean which defintely made it feel like home - not something you tend to do on holiday!

The weather was lovely, most days were like a perfect (English) summer day, not bad for November ;) It was very windy on the balconies but that will be brilliant in the summer! The temperature was about 24 during the day dropping to 20ish at night.

We went shopping for supplies, got some staples in the cupboard for our arrival, and filled the worlds biggest wine rack - well, had to get the essentials in.

Did have a bit of a misson trying to find some lightshades though, went in several shops on April 1st street (and I have heard it said if you can't buy it on April 1st, you can't buy it!) and all we could find were light fittings!?!? We asked in two different shops, the first just looked blankly at us and the second (an expat) said she had bare bulbs in her appartment for 20 years!
We are pretty much set now apart from that, we have curtains, just got to get some blackout blinds for litte'uns room and once our stuff arrives next week we have all need.

All in all it was a very worthwhile trip, It was amazing to actually stand on the balcony after all this time and realise it's home. I feel a lot better about leaving now as I'm going home, not going somewhere new.

Can't wait.... bring it on :)

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