80's Flashback - Dolls

Following on from my recent 80's toy flashback post I wanted to elaborate,  while I had been writing the first post I had been browsing on pinterest and of course now it keeps showing me more of the same type of pins assuming that is what I am now interested in.  Well of course it is right, I love memories!

Last time I mentioned my favourites - Care Bears and My Little Pony, plus a couple of less popular toys but now it's all about the dolls.

Surely every girl growing up in any decade has to have a doll at one point, whether it's a baby, Barbie or Bratz, or whatever the latest is (I don't know, I have boys!)

I had a Tiny Tears (or similar) doll, you know the one - feed it and change it, ahh the aspirations we all had!   I wasn't a fan though,  I remember it annoying me that it didn't really look like a young baby and so it seemed silly.

This changed when I received Gemma (not sure why I wanted to call it something so close to my own name)   She was a very real…

80s Food Flashback

Like so many parents I often despair over what my children eat, more accurately what they refuse to eat. Whilst Leo is much better than he used to be and is willing to try some things at least once, Louka is hard work when it comes to dinner time. 
I think he is probably 90% pasta at this point. His dinner choices consist of pasta, usually plain or maybe a little bit of BBQ sauce or mayo, with sweetcorn and hot dogs, ham or salami,    chicken nuggets, pizza or sausages  and a few variations on that but using mainly the same ingredients.  Chips are ok as long as there are just a few, and homemade chips are not included, potatoes in any other form are definitely out. 
It seems we spend a lot of time telling the boys what dinners were like when we were kids - yes I have become THAT person...
'Back in my day......
We had a roast every Sunday lunch,  I didn't like roast potatoes so I usually got mashed instead. 
I was lucky, Aaron had the 'eat it or go without' option. But…

My Childhood Toys - 80's Flashback

My favourite thing about my blog is the chance it has given me to write about some of my old photos and share the stories in flashback posts.   I love the fact it is creating a record for my boys and maybe their children for years to come and giving them the opportunity to get a glimpse into what my childhood and life was like before they came along. 

Last year I introduced Leo to the BBC  'Back in Time' series'.  The first series 'Back in Time for the Weekend', took the participating family from the 1950s to the 1990s examining how Britain spent it's leisure time, and was followed up with 'Back in Time for Dinner'  which focused more on how eating habits changed over the years. 

We are now watching 'Back in Time for School' and it's making Leo very glad to be at school now and not 100 years ago!   I am pleased he enjoys them as it's showing him more than just history,  to see 'real life' England is a rarity for him too having been…

Climb Every Mountain!

February in Cyprus can be an unpredictable month,  it can give us some of the coldest days of the winter but also show us signs of spring and remind us what the weather is supposed to be like here.

We've had lots of rain this winter,  I'm sure more than in recent years.  This is good, we need it and apparently the reservoirs are looking good for the year ahead. I haven't minded the rain too much (apart from the time our ceiling leaked) and it's quite a novelty to snuggle up inside while it lashes down outside.   But I know it comes to an end and it's lovely to get our bright blue skies back.
This weekend the boys and I went for a walk,  well, I walked they scooted and we all played Pokemon Go along the beach path in Protaras.  It was lovely, I was wearing a t-shirt and fleece, the first time I've not had layers covered with a jumper, and I even took my jacket off for a while (!) but I was still surprised to see people in bikinis sunbathing, not many admittedly…


A couple of years ago I saw a friend on facebook had started following a yoga program on YouTube by Yoga With Adriene. Back in 2008 I used to go to Pilates classes weekly which I enjoyed and continued going to until I was about 7 months pregnant, I'd never managed to find any Pilates videos I liked online and as  I surmised that Yoga would be pretty similar so thought I'd give it a go too.

I like a program to follow, exact instructions if you like, I think it's why I've got on so well with Slimming World over the years so I was full of optimism as I started 30 Days of Yoga.

I can't remember how many days I did,  maybe 3?
I wanted to get fit and I had probably at least a couple of stone I wanted to lose and when I sat on the mat closing my eyes and holding my hands together over my heart I couldn't help but think 'I haven't got time for this s**t)   Meditation has never held any interest for me, my mind would wander too much and I'd be impatient to …

A winter walk

These photos were taken almost 2 weeks ago, on the first day of school.   I had taken the boys to and then before I had time to talk myself out of it or get distracted I drove straight to the beach and walked.

It was chilly but a glorious day, made even nicer by the fact it was the first dry and sunny day I think we'd had so far in January.

I don't often make the effort to get to the coast for a morning walk but when I do I can never understand why I don't do it every week at least, because it's just awesome, especially at this time of year.

It was a great start to the new term, I was home before 9am, cooked myself breakfast,  did some yoga (I'm currently working my way through Yoga With Adrienne's 30 day 'Dedicate' program)  and got down to work.

I'm full of cold today but I'm now thinking that a bit of fresh air and a walk will help first thing tomorrow after looking at these photos again.

I'll check the weather when I get up - I may love…

The Best Nine

I noticed many people on Instagram sharing their #bestnine in the last week of 2018 and as I do love to jump on a bandwagon when I see one I thought I'd join in too.   I'm a bit later than most as the first app I found to do it was supposed to email me the image, which it didn't and then I forgot all about it.  When I remembered I found another one and it gave me an almost instant image to download!
I joined Instagram several years ago, I'd been desperate to join for ages but didn't have a good enough phone at the time and couldn't download the app. My account was initially as @emsyjo  but a while after we started Klik Photo CY I changed to @klikphotoCY and it became our business account.  I mainly share work related pics, either photos from the booth, of the booth set up at different events, or random things that take my fancy at events such as sunsets, table plans and decor.  I also throw in a few family / day off pics as we are a family business and I like …