The Gallery - A photo I am proud of

This weeks Gallery prompt is A Photo I'm Proud Of 

Here's mine.....

This is me in 2008 at the Slimming World Woman of the Year regional final. I came 2nd!!!

I had started going to my Slimming World group in 2006 and in two years lost just over 4 stone. I was stunned that I could have done such a thing and delighted to be nominated by my group for Woman of The Year.

I even made it into the Mirror newspaper!

You can read more about my slimming world story here


  1. Ah, I've never blogged about bat girl, it was an adults only weekend at Butlins a few years ago with a group of our friends and we all dressed as superhero's (as you do!)

  2. Bravo you! That is seriously impressive. Well done. J x

  3. What an achievement! Well done you x

  4. wow, that is an achievement well done. Why were you bat girl? Do I need to go read your blog some more to understand?

  5. How fantastic! I have never heard of Slimming World Championships, but am very pleased to know someone who came 2nd in the regional finals. Well done you!

    Thanks for Rewinding at the Fibro!


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