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Way back in my early Slimming World days someone in my group reached their target and I heard someone say 'This is the hard bit now, staying there'. I've heard it said many times since and I always thought it a stupid statement,  how can staying the same weight (or maybe losing a 1lb or 2) be harder than losing 4 stone or whatever you had to lose to get there??

I hate to agree but I kind of see what they meant now!

I reached my target, (well a target, ideally I'd like it 1/2 stone lower) at the start of the summer.  I stopped going to group but somehow managed to stay within the target range (3lb above or below the actual target weight) for almost 10 weeks.

In the last couple of weeks before returning to group it all seemed to catch up with me and when I weighed last week I had put on 6lb, putting me 4lb over target. This gave me one week to lose at least 1lb or I would have to start paying to attend group again.

I left all determined and had a good few days of sticking to the plan like glue but lost the plot towards the end of the week. Somehow though despite a couple of meals out I still managed to lose 2lb putting me back in the 'safe zone'

Great - although I know I'm right on the edge and I don't like being at this top end with nothing to play with but why am I finding it so hard again!?

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Why is it that sometimes I can be on a real SW misson and find it so easy to stick to the plan 100% - I KNOW it works and I KNOW I could lose that extra 1/2 stone if I just did it but what is it that flips the switch in my head and gets me back on it?

I see what is meant when people say its hard at target, No it's not harder than losing a huge amount of weight but when I had a lot to lose I had my head in gear and ploughed on week after week,  when you take your eye of the goal I think I lose momentum and find it really hard to get back on it.

The temperature has dropped here and very soon cooler days will arrive and I know I will not yet fit into most of my winter clothes - is that not enough to motivate me again?

I need a big kick up the (slightly too large) backside!


  1. Emma you know what may help and it's worked for another of my target members, make yourself attend every week and get weighed, I personally think that following a weigh in at target, whether in or out of target, it can be too long a time if you don't make yourself attend the following week, panic can set it, grrrrrrr can then find ourselves with to many pounds to shift for the target criteria, just a suggestion, might help, hey don't be to hard on yourself Emma you have come a long long way Chris s w xx


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