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Slimming World Christmas Dinner Swaps

Christmas may be the most wonderful time of the year for parties and celebrations but unfortunately not the most wonderful time of the year for your waistline.   

There are different ways you can approach this;

First option is to say stuff it it's Christmas and eat anything and everything you fancy - if anyone points out you will put on weight then eat them too!
Second option is to avoid all parties, don't drink,  refuse all treats and generally make yourself feel like you are missing out. 

Personally I have always gone for the first option, and traditionally start January maybe half a stone heavier and feeling a bit rubbish.  This year I am ATTEMPTING* a third option, one that Slimming World has been suggesting to me for many years. 
I aim to stick to the plan when I can  (oops I sound like I've eaten a SW consultant now - sorry!) 
The plan being - not to eat mince pies for breakfast 'just because it's Christmas' Not to drink every day in December 'just b…

The Christmas Star

Last week was Decorating Day, I thought it was a little early when Aaron suggested it -  yes you did read that correctly! He was sorting out the storage boxes and (wrongly) assumed I would be wanting to put the tree up on the 1st December,  of course he still thinks they should go up much later but he's realised he will never win on that one. 

I consulted the calendar and realised it was the best time to put them up as we were busy the following weekend. It has to be a weekend - not really sure why but I feel it is a weekend activity, traditionally with the first mince pies or something similar and a baileys or three - ahh that explains the weekend thing!

It turns out that we put them up the same time for the last two years running at least, thanks to facebook memories, so he guessed correctly.

As soon as it was mentioned Louka pointed out that it was his turn to put the star on the top this year.  I had no idea if he was right, and assumed that they were both about to start arg…

Leo's furry friend

I'm not a 'cat person'. I can appreciate that they can be cute but generally I don't make a point of fussing them unless they are really friendly,   maybe they can tell I am unimpressed as I always say that cats don't seem to like me,  it's all about the claws!

Aaron isn't a cat fan either but we've always made a point of getting the boys to fuss them if they are friendly as they were always so scared of dogs and were wary of cats too.

Yesterday the boys and I were out exploring and as we got out the car there were about 15 cats suddenly around us and more were appearing assuming we had food - now I wouldn't say I'm scared of cats but I can't say I like that many approaching all at once from different directions!.  We ignored them and they got the message, all except one

He (could have been a she!)   took a liking to Leo and came right up to him as he sat on a wall.   Leo moved away and 'Catty' (as it was imaginatively named) follow…