Sunday, 15 January 2017

2016 Flashbacks - Part 4

October is a favourite month of mine, it starts of still being ever so hot, and soon cools enough to spend time in the sun without feeling like you are going to melt!

We started the month with the Daxifest Charity Festival,   we were working with the Photo Booth and it was nice to be able to let the boys see what we did and get them to help out a little bit - well, they mainly left us and played on the bouncy castles but at least they were in Klik t-shirts!

It was my birthday month, and I celebrated the last of my 30's with a girls breakfast on my birthday morning as I had to work that evening,  followed by a belated night on the following weekend.

The boys and I enjoyed a great 'Ochi Day' watching the parade in the village for the first time and then having a day out on the beach followed by lunch in our favourite family restaurant.

We ended the month with some great Halloween celebrations,  both planned and almost accidental!

Cyherbia's Halloween Event was great as always, and we also went to a friends house for a kiddies party on the Sunday.  That was supposed to be the extent of the celebrations as we thought 3 days worth would be a bit much.  However I had invited Sam and the kids round on the Monday after school and as we realised that was actually the 31st we both just 'threw' a couple of themed bits together 'just because'!

We ended up with a bit of a themed lunch, a couple of games, including Skeleton Bingo, Spooky Sensory play with coloured spaghetti worms, and eyeballs (which the they pretty much just ate!)  and fishing sweets out of whipped cream without using our hands!     We even went trick or treating once we realised the neighbour were expecting us to!


Leo's highlight was taking part in a Taekwondo training session on the beach with the adults.  It was a bit of a learning curve for him, realising he needed to speak to the Grandmaster by calling him Sir and he struggled to keep up (which he should - he was training with black belts!) He absolutely loved it though and it motivated him to go for his yellow belt as soon as he could.


As always December was one of my favourite months, lots of things going on leading up to Christmas and then the holidays themselves.

So much going on in one fantastic month and if I hope to get this blog post published before February I'll let the pictures show a bit of the story.

Christmas was lovely,  seems like a lifetime ago now though!   The highlight for the kids being the great present hunt!   I loved the fact that we were all together and over the few Christmas weeks we had lots of get togethers with both family and friends.

So, that's 2016 covered albeit very briefly - here's to another year,   bring on 2017!

Friday, 6 January 2017

2016 Flashbacks - Part 3

Our summer is long here in Cyprus, not only because of the heat, but also the fact that the schools close for 13 weeks and the summer holiday starts in mid June.  Add that to the fact that for most people I know here it is the busiest time of year where many people get very few days off, if any at all.  (Aaron, like many here do, used to work 7 days a week from April to November)

We are very lucky to have had lots of work this year but in a way that we got to enjoy the summer as well.

In July we had a great family day out at Cyprus Land in Limassol and combined it with a trip to the Mall, bowling and dinner on the way home.  It's not often we do a 'big' day out like this which makes it all the more special and memorable when we do.

There was of course tons of swimming, both in our shared pool at home and out at various hotels with friends and the obligatory ice creams treats!

Leo had started Taekwondo lessons in June and was so excited to finally get his whites and then his yellow tag at his first grading this month.  The lessons are the highlight of his week and he looks forward to every one.

At the start of July we had a joint birthday party for Aaron and Sam (birthdays at the end of June and start of July so we picked the weekend in the middle)    I love our parties / BBQ's we have at home and a birthday was a great reason to make it a bigger one.    Aaron borrowed DJ equipment and lights from a friend of his and we made sure to invite the neighbours and proceed to have a great evening. I managed to take only one blurry photo of the whole evening but I still love it!

In August we took Louka to Waterworld for the first time.  Leo LOVES Waterworld, we go once or twice each year and it is such a special day for him I was unsure how Louka would get on.  It's taken Leo several years to work up to going on anything at all and I thought it might be tricky with both of them, especially if Louka got too tired

I needn't have worried!   Louka was amazing and kept going from 10am until we left at closing time at 6pm.   He went on anything and everything that he was big enough for,  including some stuff he wasn't after the lifeguards took pity on him and let him with me taking responsibility.   It was a fantastic day that they both still talk about four months later.

August is also our wedding anniversary, and this year we celebrated our 12th.  We had a nice meal out at Sizzlers Restaurant in Pernera - our first visit but certainly not our last as it was amazing!   Also managed another night out,  which was lucky considering how much we were working during the month, and saw Echo's final performance at the beautiful Sirena Bay.

Most importantly in August we celebrated Loukas 4th birthday.  We had a party at home - as we always do,  I love our parties at home and hope the boys continue to do so too.

September was back to school month after the long 13 weeks of summer holidays.  We were still in the height of wedding season so were working many afternoons / evenings each week but we managed to squeeze in some fun stuff too.

I was very excited to attend my first Comic Con, having heard good things about it from the year before.   It was good in a 'Cyprus' kind of way and if they make a few changes based on various feedback they received it should be awesome in 2017.

Thursday, 5 January 2017

2016 Flashbacks - Part 2

Continuing with my flashback posts of 2016 (you can find part 1 here ) we are moving onto April, when apparently I declared that Summer was beginning and we had several Sunday afternoons down at our new favourite beach.

We went exploring again and rediscovered the 'secret cave'  at the Agia Napa Aqueduct, in fact we went twice meeting friends there the second time for a picnic. 

I declared that I was going to get back to 'blogging on the balcony' and I really believed it,  although I didn't take into account that we were approaching 'Wedding season' here in Cyprus and we were about to be working more than ever before!

April is always the time when the island starts to wake up again, and Carnival kicks it all off!  I wrote about how it was my favourite time of the year


May was a great month, it is of course Leo's birthday, and this year to celebrate his turning 7 we had a Star Wars party.

But it was also the month the my friend came to stay for a week! 

There were many cocktails, mornings at the beach and lots and lots of chatter and laughter.

Not forgetting the fact it was Easter, our village held its biannual Strawberry Festival,  our favourite restaurant reopened for the summer, and Leo also started Taekwondo lessons!


We had a huge run of photo booth bookings at the end of May and the first week of June, something like 12 events in 15 days I think it was. It was of course a good thing but we really appreciated a few days break at the end of it before carrying on with the season. 

Next was Dad's birthday, followed by Aaron's birthday, followed by Sam's and a big joint party at our house and dinner at the 'park with the statue' 

Summer was certainly under way and we were in the pool almost every day.  

Sam and I took the kids to Larnaca for our 'big day out' - one I have been meaning to write about ever since!

And then in the second week of June, the schools broke up for summer....

Part 3 coming next!

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