How my fitness levels changed

Today I dug out my great collection of fitness DVDs, they've been gathering dust for quite a while now due to pregnancy, the heat and general laziness!  But believe it or not most of them have been very well used in their time.  Before I amassed this collection exercise was not a word in my vocabulary, growing up I hated sport (unless it was an excuse to go out drinking)

When I started Slimming World back in 2006 I was pleased to hear you didn't HAVE to exercise but it didn't take me long to realise that it would make a huge difference to my weight loss and that I would actually start to get fit for probably the first time in my life!

My first purchase was the Ministry of Sound Pump it Up DVD, I loved the music and thought it would be fun - but I nearly died when I tried to do it, It was impossible, I couldn't breathe and couldn't get anywhere close to what they were doing on screen. I dismissed it as gimmicky and thought them just an excuse to get fit girls in tiny outfits prancing around- ooh I was angry at it!

Instead I turned to Davina, and her 30 minute workouts, even these made me cry as I found it so hard to keep up with the aerobics, jogging for 60 seconds - not a chance!   I remember sitting on the sofa and telling Aaron it was ridiculous and I'd never be able to do it.  In typical Aaron style he told me not to bother then and stay fat and unfit.(his brilliant reverse psychology in play again)  I sighed and carried on doing what I could.

I got bored with Davina after several weeks so went back to 'Pump it up'.  I still loved the music and decided just to give it a go.   Slowly slowly I got better at it and gradually my weight went down as my fitness level went up.   Once in a habit I did one of the workouts 3 or 4 times a week, either first thing in the morning at the weekend or straight away after coming home from work. I actually loved it, I no longer had bad knees and didn't get backache like I had been so prone to, and I had a flat stomach for the first time ever!

When I got pregnant I brought Davina's pregnancy workout and did it all the way through my pregnancy, even on my actual due date.    After that though is when it all went pear shaped - literally!

With a small baby, and a move to Cyprus on the horizon they all got packed away. I brought them out occasionally afterwards but it was never as easy and I'd lost the habit. Summer was too just too hot to do them in and I was back to finding a load of excuses. But I missed them and I missed feeling as fit.

As I've restarted Slimming world they've now been dragged out again, starting with Davina again (the post pregnancy workout) I plan to work my way back up to my old favourites.  Along with my Slimming World progress I will also be writing about my fitness so feel free to pop back and check that I'm keeping to my plan!

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  1. Good luck with it. I have Davina on a shelf somewhere too but I fell out of love with her perfectness way back when. You've just gotta find the thing that works for you and then, just like being in love, you'll just know......

  2. Good luck with it all! Need to start working on myself very soon!

  3. Getting started again after a break is so hard. After pregnancy I think it is even tougher. Well that is my current excuse anyway! Good luck and I'll keep popping back to see how you are doing!

  4. My collection looks the same and the Call on me Ministry of sound one is a favourite of mine! x

  5. Good luck! I go to Zumba which is fun and manageable give it a go you might like it x

  6. It took my over a year to lose my baby weight but I was really lazy and only walked with the buggy. Good luck! You seem much more organised!

  7. My fave is 'Beach body' closely followed by the 1st one. :)

  8. I only got back to pre baby weight after my first the week before his 2nd birthday! I plan getting on with it quicker this time or I'll have no clothes that fit me when it comes to winter!

  9. It's on the list of things for me to try at some point! It looks like fun.

  10. thats some collection you have there Emma . you really are going for it arent you? how much weight did you put on with Loukas? i need to lose some weight - i really need some motivation . i wish you lots of luck x x x

  11. I put on about 3 stone, but was already about a stone over my target weight when I got pregnant. I do feel more motivated than I did when I was doing it early last year, the thought of blogging about it helps :)

  12. I've tried loads of fitness DVD's over the years and I'm going back to one I bought 20 yrs ago (Cher step) I've bought a second hand step for a fiver so I'm ready...bring it on, lol x

  13. Cakesphotoslife Angie7 October 2012 at 12:38

    I got as far as level 2 on Zumba and crahsed :) x

  14. I've tried loads of fitness DVD's over the years and I'm going back to one I bought 20 yrs ago (Cher step) I've bought a second hand step for a fiver so I'm ready...bring it on, lol x


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