Good intentions

There is a difference between a plan and good intentions.

This week I did not have a plan.

Last week I wrote about wanting to lose a stone for summer and get back on the Slimming World plan, after writing the post I had a comment from Midlife Single Mum and we made a deal - the following day we would both get on with it and then report back on our progress today. 

I had good intentions but I did not have a plan.

I ate the remaining chocolate on Wednesday night and prepared a nice big Slimming World breakfast for the following morning. I got up on Thursday picked a workout from my huge selection of fitness DVDs and got stuck in. 

Thursday was good, a great start - exercise, plenty of water and good food. 
Friday, was ok - nothing particularly bad but more by luck than judgement
Saturday, well in my head that was fine - I had almost a week to make up for any slipups. 
Sunday, Monday and the rest?

Well, I just slipped back into sandwiches for lunch, biscuits with the boys and even sugar (not sweetener in my tea - what's that about?! I always have sweetener! 

The good intentions were not enough. 

I want to lose the weight, but it seems I don't want to do the stuff that I know will make that happen - but WHY?  I've always done it before?

It doesn't work without the group, every time I stop going to the Slimming World meetings it goes pear shaped (literally!) but I must be able to do it on my own, I've been going so long I could run a group by now!

I nearly didn't write this post, I nearly told MSM that I wasn't going to but realised that would not help at all!  I didn't weigh myself until early evening as opposed to the early Thursday weigh I did last week but I decided to post anyway to make myself accountable. 

I put on 1lb, not a disaster  but not what you do in the first week of a plan!

But there was no plan.

Tomorrow I am making Slimming World 'KFC' style Chicken for dinner, tomorrow I am planning the weeks dinners. 

Next week I am aiming for a 2lb loss, if you see me eating something that will not help please feel free to slap me!

I will plan and I will prepare and I have to otherwise I'll have to come back and write yet another post about being a bit rubbish!

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  1. OK, so now you know you need a plan. I'm going to write mine now. See you back here next week.

  2. Mine's up - consider it a direct challenge. Bwahahaha :)

  3. well done for admitting your faults and i know you will shed that weight in no time. i maintained today which was pleasing seeing as though i ate some chocolates this week!! its taking me ages to lose this weight but i am going to succeed, as will you xx

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  5. Making a meal plan for the week will definitely help! I am amazed by reading other posts on Slimming World, what you can actually eat is awesome! You can do it chick - there is a great Weight Loss support network online and so many bloggers on different diets pushing each other through the bad days and congratulating on the good days - hope you are having a good week! Sim #WeightLossWednesday x


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