Slimming World Scan Bran Challenge

This morning at my Slimming World group everyone was talking about the 'Scan Bran Challenge', apparently it's been taking the UK groups by storm and everyone is doing it!  One of the ladies in our group tried it last week and lost an amazing 5lb so many of us thought it was worth a shot and have decided to give it a go this week - I've never seen so many people buying Scan Bran before!

Slimming World Scan Bran Challenge

Scan Bran is not one of the most popular foodstuffs about but as an aid to slimming alongside food optimising it really works.  Scan Bran is basically fibre, and in the simplest way possible helps your weight loss by *ahem*  'clearing you out'

The challenge is to eat 5 slices (1 healthy extra or 5 syns) a day for 6 days of one week along with drinking lots of water - the water is necessary to help flush your system out.

The secret is to find recipes that make the scan bran edible, although I have heard of people eating them like crackers with various toppings, to me that sounds as edible as eating a bit of MDF, in act I think you could probably make quite long lasting furniture from the stuff!

I've made a 'Chocolate cake' several times before using the dreaded scan bran, which bears little resemblance to actual chocolate cake but is edible and in a Slimming World kinda way not too bad.

This week I'm going for it though and am going to try a variety of different recipes - I'll let you know how I get on.

Scan Bran Challenge - Slimming World
Part of today's Scan Bran Challenge - recipe coming later this week.


  1. i havent heard of this so called scan bran until today when i saw your photo! i hope you have a lot of loo roll in lol
    good luck be interesting to see how you get on x x

  2. Starting my challange tomorow need some recipes and ideas, hope you are doing well

  3. Hiya, could you tell me the recipe for the "chocolate" cake, altough I don't mind it too much crushed with yogurt and fruit?


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