Sunday, 11 May 2014

Third time lucky - Slimming World Target time

I always said I'd get there eventually and last week I finally got to my Slimming World target, and also got my 2 stone award.

Regular readers will know it's not the first time I've reached target - the first being in 2007 with a total loss of 4 stone.   I reached target again (although one 1/2 stone heavier than my pre-pregnancy one) as Leo reached his second birthday.  Now with Louka at 21 months old I'm finally back there once more.

I love Slimming World, and while the plan is easy to follow, it's not always easy to keep your head in gear which is why it's taken me almost 2 years each time to lose a couple of stone.   I'm not sure what the secret was the first time as losing the initial 4 stone seemed easier and certainly took less time!

But that's it now, I'm done with having babies, and while I don't imagine for one second that I won't stray out of target range I'll still be going to my weekly group and trying to keep it in check so I don't have to do it all over again.

3 Children and It


  1. Well done. I so admire that you did it slowly over two years - that's definitely the way to go.

  2. Well done! What were your favourite recipes?

  3. I've got quite a few favourites, probably 'magic' muffins at the moment. Most of my favourites are on the blog

  4. Well done! I'm a SW-er too. Well, on and off. Mainly off. I first joined in 2010 when my son was a year old to lose just over a stone. Did that fairly quickly and easily, but since then I've lost and gained up to 2 stone about 5 times. Started again a week ago and looking forward to fitting into my clothes again, but OH I wish I had the willpower to stay there once I get there.


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