30 Day Shred Update

Just over two weeks ago I started the 30 Day Shred, I was a little nervous as I'd heard lots about it and it sounded very hard, but I was also excited as I'd also heard of the results people had achieved doing it.  The first day was hard, harder than any workout DVD I've done before and I regularly used to do the Ministry Of Sound workouts, although I always took the easy option on them and probably never pushed myself as hard as I could have done. 

I made the decision when I started the Shred to push as hard as I could after seeing a quote online related to it 'Unless you puke, faint or die, Keep Going'

30 Day shred level oneAnd I did, I could hardly breathe during Day 1, Day 2 was the same with the added muscle aches gained on Day 1 but by Day 5 it was a lot easier, note I said 'easier' not easy! ! I had been worried as I always have been whilst exercising about my knees which I've had problems with or years but as the days progressed they actually felt better than they had since Louka was born. Along with knee problems I'm also prone to problems with my back and it was only November that I could hardly walk with the pain so I am always mindful of that too. 

I completed Level One and moved onto Level Two, this was a big jump up, full of 'plank' related moves and I really felt it the next day. 

I was finding this much harder and today, having just completed Day 16 (over half way!) have decided to change tactics.  With my knees now feeling worse each day, I'm concerned that pain will move to my back as I try and compensate for it.  I will continue to exercise as I'm still a woman on a mission but I'm going to switch workouts.  

I was never going to complete the shred in 30 days due to my upcoming trip to the UK on day 26 and I don't fancy ruining my first proper shopping trip in 3 years by not being able to walk!

Having retaken my measurements I discovered I have lost a combined total of nearly 3 inches off my hips, stomach and thighs so it does work and I do intend to come back to it at a later date. 

I may give myself a day off tomorrow (body doesn't know what's hit it after 16 days straight of workouts!) but after that I'll be going back to the DVD I first started with, 'Davina McCall's 30 minute workouts'  which did wonders for me last time and gives a bit more variety in the styles of workout. 

I may be bowing out of the shred for now but I promise I'm not giving up!


  1. You go girl! You get mega-kudos for making it to Day 16! We'll keep you on track to hit your goals! Mwah xx


  2. Emma you have done sooooo well much better than me but i see the dreaded curse of the shredded knee has hot you too now. but i am pleased to see that you will continue with something else. i need to find a low impact routine now too. and we have lost the same each :) we are so alike #spooky x x

  3. veryboredincatalunya11 February 2013 at 10:37

    Doing 16 days on the bounce is epic! So long as you're doing some form of exercise you'll see the benefit, it doesn't have to be the Shred. Enjoy your trip back home. x

  4. Well done... I changed my mind after Day 1! I wasn't mentally ready for how hard I would find it!


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