Slimming World 'Syn Free' Pancakes

I've made loads of Slimming World recipes over the years but with the exception of Weetabix Cake I've not found many 'sweet' recipes that really work for me.  They always seem to be missing something (that'll be the sugar and fat I guess!) and I generally find them not worth the effort or syns.

Until today that is when I discovered 'Magic Pancakes' a recipe from my old SW consultant in the UK. They are so easy to make and are 'syn free' if you count them as a 'healthy B option.

Slimming World syn free pancakes

All you need is...
35g poridge oats (Healthy extra B choice or 6 syns)
A Muller light yoghurt ( I used a Vitaline yoghurt as Muller lights are hard to find in Cyprus, hence the slightly pink colour as it was cherry flavour!)
3 eggs
Sweetener to taste.

Mix the porridge oats and yoghurt, and leave in fridge overnight.
Add the eggs and sweetener and you have your pancake mix!

I served mine with loads of strawberries and some low fat Greek yoghurt and they were absolutely delicious!

Today was weigh in day for me and after being really annoyed at my 1lb gain last week despite 'shredding' every day I was very pleased that I'd kept at it as it the loss was just a bit delayed and showed on the scales this week with a 4.5lb loss.

It also meant I got my 1/2 stone award today!


  1. Well done on the weight loss and those pancakes look yummy.

  2. i dont have any oats but i have ready brek so i might try these for my tea tonight. no wonder you scoffed the lot Emma lol x

  3. ooops forgot to congratulate you on the briiiant weight loss - well done you!!! how much more do you want to lose? x

  4. About a stone or 1.5 stone ish, will let you know when I get closer :)

  5. Well done you with the weightloss but these are not bloody pancakes! Where's the eggs?

  6. Thought i'd written the recipe wrong then, did you mean where's the flour? :)

  7. Thank you. I've just joined slimming world last week here in the UK and I also want to lose about a stone and a half. I looked everywhere for magic pancakes and your blog appeared. How have you got on since Feb when you posted this? Best wishes.

  8. I've been meaning to do an update post now but keep getting sidetracked! I've lost a stone so far this time, got just under half stone to go. Good luck with your weight loss x

  9. Just had these for Shrove Tuesday - delicious! Thank you for the recipe.


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