Monday, 24 June 2013

Are we nearly there yet? - Slimming World Update

I know I've been a little overdue with my Slimming World updates but I'm still going to group and I've also been enjoying setting up a facebook page and closed group for those who attend our weekly session.    This has been great as not only so I love doing things like that, it has also helped me stay focused and 100% on the plan - you just can't be eating too much of the wrong things while doing that can you!

So, how have I been doing?  
Well after several weeks of '1lb off, 1lb on' I finally got myself in gear last week and at today's weigh in I lost 5lb  - I think that's a record for me!

It also meant I collected my 'Club 10' award (for losing 10% of my starting weight)  and my 1.5 stone award!

I took Leo with me today as it's a Bank Holiday and school was closed, he was very good although upset that he couldn't stand on the scales too!   He asked loads of questions, (nothing new there!) and was a little confused why it's good for my weight to go down but his should go up.

He was quite happy with my explanation of how I got bigger (width ways, rather than big as in taller) when Louka was in my belly and how I wanted to get slimmer again.

But... and THIS is why I LOVE Slimming World, I explained how I do it, and how I will stay there when I get there. I showed him the 'BMI chart' and how it shows what is considered a healthy weight range for my height and I told him the kind of food I eat to do it.

I love the fact that by me following the plan it means he eats like me, but with the addition of full fat yoghurt, bread, and many more treats than me at the moment. Of course he still has pizza, and burgers smothered in 'red sauce' and he is forever picking out 'yucky' bits of veg from his dinners but the basics are there.

Many years ago I was so worried I'd end up with 'fat kids' like I was as I didn't know how to stop it, and I'm so glad that Slimming World has taught me how to eat healthily for life.

He loved listening to all my answers and seeing my shiny award stickers on my book, and jumped for joy along with me as the scales showed my 'number' had gone down!

When we got home he got on the scales (as promised when he couldn't do it in group) and then made everyone else do it.  I got on holding Louka and was surprised to see that together we are the exact weight I was when I joined this group back in January.  For an even bigger coincidence though, I was amazed to see that getting on holding Leo, which was hard work as he's really heavy now,  I was the exact weight I was at my very first weigh in back in 2006,  What are the chances of that!

I'm now just 1lb away from my target, I hope I can do that this week. Last week was very very strict on the plan and I made many different dishes to usual and tried several new recipes (coming up on the blog over the next few weeks so stick around!)   This week is Aaron's birthday, and there will be cake and alcohol involved so I'm trying to plan around that!

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