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Slimming World ups and downs and up again

It's hard to believe that it was 8 years ago this week that I first walked into my local Slimming World group. I had no idea how it was going to change my life but change it it did (You can read about it all on my Slimming World page if I've not told you it a million times already!)

After just over a year I had reached my target weight of 11 stone having lost just over 4 st, and I managed to stay there or thereabouts for well over a year.

I was a complete convert, I continued going to my group and it was reasonably easy to stay at target, days on and off plan balanced themselves out and I didn't feel deprived or like I was missing out on anything, in fact it was quite the opposite, for the first time I was wearing heels and skinny jeans and stopping dead in my tracks walking past shop windows as I didn't recognise myself!

Then I got pregnant and my initial thoughts of pretty much sticking to the plan throughout the pregnancy soon went flying out the window!

On the day I was induced at 42 weeks pregnant I jumped on the scales out of interest - I was still less than my original weight!

After the distractions and excuses of a small baby and a move to Cyprus it took me a while to get back on track. I found a group here in Cyprus and eventually got to my 'new' target of 11.5 stone the week before Leo's 2nd birthday.

This time I stopped going to group and my weight slowly began to creep up, Christmas was approaching and I made vague promises to myself to get back on track in January 2012, that is until I found out I was pregnant for the second time.

I decided I would enjoy the final excuse to eat what I liked and put off worrying about it until afterwards.

After Loukas was born I followed the plan at home losing almost a stone until I started to get 'stuck' at that weight. I knew what I had to do, and joined a new Slimming World group in January 2013.

I set a target of 12 stone, a cheats target really, using the reasoning that I'd had two babies and I wouldn't be able to get back to where I was before. That meant I'd have gained half a stone for each child.

I reached the target in June and then spent the rest of the year trying to stay in it!

My heart has not been in it at all since reaching my 'target' and I know it's because I can do better.

This year I am throwing myself back into it with a vengeance and I would like to reach my old target of 11.5 stone (post baby target, as I was happy there and all my old clothes should fit) by Loukas 2nd birthday in August.

This weekend I am writing a meal plan for next week, and visiting the local farmers market to stock up on fruit and veg. Monday I will walk back into my group after weeks and face the scales after my mad Christmas food intake!

Back in my original Slimming World year I lost nearly 4 stone from January to December, it wasn't easy but I was focused and determined to stick to it. I stuck to the plan like glue and I exercised my arse off - literally!

Once I partied like it was 1999, this year I will eat like it's 2006!


  1. ha ha i love the last sentence.! you have done sooooo well on SW and you can see the differences in your photos. I have put weight on again and want to lose a stone )pref 2) by June eeeeeek going to start monday and am thinking of doing the shred again as although i HATED it , it did work. would you consider it we could start the fb grp up again? I prob wont start that til week after as my period is due any day and would rather not jump about with that lol!
    anyway, i wish you LOADS of luck and i know you can do it x x x
    thanks for linking up x x

  2. You have done amazingly well and an inspiration to so many. Best of luck in 2014 - and Happy New Year.


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