Slimming World Scan Bran Challenge - Update and recipe

Two weeks ago in a moment of apparent madness I decided to do the 'Scan Bran Challenge' along with several others from my Slimming World group.

It's a bit of a craze sweeping the groups at the moment, the idea being that you eat 5 scan bran a day (either as a 'Healthy B choice' or counted as 5 syns) along with drinking at least the recommended 2 litres of water a day to help speed your weight loss.

Its had mixed results in the group, some good weight losses and some no different to usual.  I did very well at the start of the 1st week, sticking to the challenge from Monday until Thursday, at which point I went out drinking Thursday evening and then it all went to pot!

At the weigh in on Monday I'd gained a pound, but I blame the drinking and resulting hangover cures, plus the kids party I went to on Saturday where I found myself eating cake and such like all afternoon!

They say that it will always catch up with you though and this week I was very surprised to have lost 2lb as from Leo's party I'd been way off track with the usual food optimising plan let alone the scan bran!

I'm still trying various recipes using it and for the first time in 7 years of Slimming World I'm actually mostly enjoying it.

The recipes can be a bit hit and miss but one of the successes I've had so far is Scan Bran Chocolate Cake.

I've found the best way to use Scan Bran is to blitz it in a processor, for this recipe I then added a tiny bit of hot water to soften it down.

You need,
5 scan bran
2 eggs
28g cocoa powder
sweetener 3 - 4 tbsp ( I never measure this, I just chuck a fair amount in, depends on your tastes)
1 tbsp golden syrup

Blitz the scan bran and pour a little hot water over to soften slightly (or break into tiny pieces and pour boiling water over wait a while and break up with a fork)
Add all the other ingredients, mix well and pour in to a microwavable tub.
Cook in microwave for about 7 mins or until firm.

If you count the scan bran as your 'Healthy B' choice for the day, the whole cake is 6.5 syns, or 11.5 syns otherwise.

I often use Chocolate spread in place of the cocoa which is yummy but it ups the syn value slightly ( 4 syns per tbsp) and it's very difficult not to sneakily eat a spoonful as you put in in!

 I enjoy the cake with a cup of tea but it can be a bit hard going if you plan to eat it all, the best way I've found is to serve it with a big dollop of syn free yoghurt and strawberries

Slimming world scan bran chocolate cake


  1. whoops have found it :D Thanks.

  2. i bought some scan bran Thursdsay so i need to make a cake now x


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