Birth in Cyprus - C-section's and Private clinics

Some of the concerns I had about giving birth here in Cyprus were the things I had heard about their eagerness to do caesarean births and the 'whole Doctor knows best attitude with no discussion available. Since hearing from many women it seems that this is not always the case, but can happen, as this story from Veronica shows,  my last post in the 'Birth in Cyprus' series .....

I am a foreigner like you and had very similar concerns to yourself about giving birth in Cyprus not so long ago; I thought I will share my experience. 

I gave birth to 2 children (they are 2 and 4 now), at the same private clinic (Maternity center in Nicosia). Both were natural, though my husband and I went through quite some trouble looking for a doctor who would agree with an idea of natural birth. In fact, the very first doctor we've met was insisting on a caesarean. I did have some complications in my pregnancy, but after a thorough research we found that cesarean is actually not recommended.

The clinic was nice, i.e. clean and spacious rooms. Staff mainly spoke Greek and Russian. They agreed to have my husband present at birth. As I started having contractions, they connected me to the intravenous system. You need to be careful as to what the nurses are injecting there.

The general attitude in Cyprus is that doctors/nurses etc. know best and usually they don’t bother explaining what they are going to do. We were quite misled by this and the first time they injected medicine, which stimulates contractions. I must admit though that it did take less time to deliver that way.

The second delivery (without any medicine) was a lot more painful to an extent that I started asking for "whatever they can give me" to ease the pain. They allowed me to use oxygen mask, which gave me some physiological relief. I had a feeling I was quite "a star", waking up half of Nicosia in the middle of the night :).

I just remember the nurses starring at me with their eyes wide open. They have probably not seen so many natural labors. Finally the doctor arrived (they tend to arrive at the last stage) with the words "next time you will deliver like everybody" (I.e. induced or caesarean, whatever she meant). One last thing to mention is that both times I tore a lot and first time they had to put me to sleep in order to fix it. Because of that I could not really remember the very first moments of birth. Due to the natural way of delivery, in just 2 days I was ready to leave home. 


That's not to say that the private clinics are bad, this story is from Eleni, who also gave birth in a Nicosia Clinic....

I had my baby in a private clinic. ISIS Clinic in Nicosia. I felt safe and looked after during and after the birth. Most importantly they encourage breastfeeding and 'allow' you to have the baby in your room instead of the nursery.

It cost a bomb! Had a c-section and epidural, obviously, so it came out to around seven grand! In all fairness to them, it was like a five star hotel, service wise.

Yes I plan to have my second baby there. Not pregnant anytime soon but just saying...

As I mentioned I was very happy. Breakfast served with a teapot and a choice of solids, fruit and cakes for snacks and lovely warm meals for dinner! It makes all the difference. Nurses were super. I really couldn't have gotten through it without their help and encouragement.

I sort of knew it all. Actually I had read up on everything -even took classes in preparation with hubby- and felt well prepared. If I wish I had known one thing though it would be to be more prepared in case of a c-section. I never thought it would happen to me!

It was not by choice. Baby was in posterior position after 14 hours of labour. I was induced in the morning- after 3 days over my due date. Labour pains carried on for five hours. By then i was only 4 cm dilated so I opted for an epidural, after nine hours I was dilated but the baby was face up so I had an emergency c-section.

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